A New Line For A New Tale

Alright this isn’t how I was wanting to do this, but until I figure it out, this will have to suffice! Until that time comes, I will leave a line on my blog page, and you can add your lines in the comments I hope. Whoever Satspeah is, has managed to leave a comment from time to time. If I do have any visitors, who are interested in this for what it’s attempting to do, then please be patient, I just published another book, so I don’t give this the attention I should, but I’m almost there! A few more plugins, and the big thing for me, is setting this up so you the visitor can interact with the lines I leave. I’m supposed to be leaving a real blog here, but piss on it for the moment, here’s your new lines to work with, see what kind of picture you can create. Thanks

Sorry means nothing, when you have to say it everyday,

whatever you say it for, looks like you would change that way!

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