A New Trend

That’s a shitty title but it will be what it will be! Unfortunately that new trend seems to be kids going to school and killing their classmates. Yes this has done happened again, and now it will be in the News for weeks! I’m sure someone might say how insensitive of you! maybe so, but one get’s desensitized by seeing this in the news daily. I’m not trying to get political, but this is a part of our society, the political ones will be those going after gun rights. People it isn’t the gun, it’s the FUCKING KID! What put the idea into the kid’s head? Who keeps it there? This goes straight down to us, the older generations. I’m not yet a senior citizen, and it is part of my generation raising these kids! It is part of my generation helping in passing legislation that undoes what our forefathers put into place. Some of this stuff is in the Bible, but damned sure don’t bring that up lest you offend some liberal or atheist.

Much of what shows up in this writing can be found in my latest book “My America: As seen by an American” for a more in depth look at each topic, refer to the book which you can find on the gallery page.

Alright this is supposed to be a music site, and it is. Thanks to the press, there is never a shortage of things to write about. It’s a double edged sword, the press keeps us informed, but then it keeps harping on the subject, and some mentally unhinged kid gets a bad idea. A lot of these kids are looking for attention, look how much attention was generated by Parkland. A lot of the anti gun people will bitch about easy access of guns to kids, where are the parents in some of those cases?

Those being shot on the streets in publicized cop shootings, over half of those folks had no legal access to guns, yet they had them anyway. You take away the guns like our brilliant neighbors have done, the fucked up will find other means. This has nothing to do with guns other than it is the object chosen for the moment.

DigĀ a little deeper than the gun. How many people are killed in auto accidents? note it states accidents. Many of those are caused by negligence at the wheel, that isn’t an accident, no one is screaming about the automobile. How many people are dying from alcohol related deaths? same thing no one is screaming about the alcohol. What is it about guns? Maybe it’s because one can do a mass shooting and show their true instability. Maybe it’s because the press can keep it in the News for weeks, isn’t it all about the views?

We didn’t have this shit in my day, not to this magnitude! I addressed this topic in my last book “My America”. I’m not trying to be an old fart and live in the past, I’m simply stating that we as a society have addressed, many of our social issues in the wrong manner. We are a nation choking on our freedom! We’ve traded our freedom to appease the masses, it doesn’t work that way! Those folks that drew up our Constitution designed something that was built to last, but throughout the years we’ve kept tweaking it until we’re drowning in the freedom it was to provide. We have undermined our own foundation of freedom of any real kind! if you don’t believe that ask yourself about the ease of suing your neighbor or a business. There are many living in fear of lawsuit from a frivolous lawyer, because we have given them that ease, and a judge will not kick it out due to denying someone a freedom. I don’t feel like writing another book on this, use your head to ponder what I’m getting at here.

This isn’t to be a piece in religion and politics, but it will have to touch on it because the problem lies there within. This country was founded on religious ideals by people seeking religious freedom from their own oppressive nation. They had the foresight to see some of what had gone astray at home to not try to repeat the process. They had the foresight to know not to mix religion and politics, isn’t that what ISIS does? mix the 2.

The deal is this, a government is set up to run based on morals created by what we like to believe was a creator. We managed to do so and keep separation of state and church. Now as the years have passed on by, we have minorities getting bent out of shape due to some majority ways. I’m not referring to race here, take that elsewhere, I’ve addressed that here and also in the same book. I’m referring to our laws, I’m referring to lack of common sense, I’m referring to a majority bending over backward out of fear to appease a minority.

Our creator is often times referred to as God, yet use that word in a public place and watch what happens. Long story short, it seems like when they kicked God out of school along with the court houses, and other public places, then we started getting shit like this.

There are no morals, kids are raised on computer and see this shit everyday therefore getting desensitized to the reality of their actions. What is described as the main commandment? Love your God, Love your neighbor! I’m not a preacher and don’t pretend to be. If these kids had some concept of loving, they wouldn’t need the other commandments would they? If you love your neighbor you aren’t going to go shoot him to seek attention are you? These kids don’t understand the meaning of any of that, their parents and their society have lost it too.

Now a days to be a Christian can bring shame, let’s face it, many got lost along the way. Life is too short, and often times insignificant to mess it up over stupid shit. As a society we aren’t going to be able to please everyone, many have their own self seeking agenda, you can’t please that kind of person. Why should a society sell itself short trying to appease a few? I’m not saying shit on those few, but don’t lose the greater majority over those few. People know the difference between right and wrong, if they dig deep enough, but we’ve lost touch with that mainly out of fear.

Parents, society, and teachers, if you have a problem with God or the Bible, don’t have a problem with love! That’s what the 2 are founded on, along with our country! Learn how to use it! I think Og Mandino once stated something to the effect of “With Love in my heart I can accomplish most anything”, many so called Christians should be able to guess the source. Should we practice bringing love back to schools? I wouldn’t be writing about this right now, if we did. Should we practice bringing love back to our lives? we wouldn’t have racism as it is. Should we start loving, we wouldn’t be so self serving in our agenda, and might actually see a lot of society’s problems cease to exist. There’s a bigger picture to life, very few seem to get it.

This will be in the News now for how long? I would like to illustrate a point. The cops shooting blacks has become about as common place as school shootings, actually it was more so for a while. Remember when the black guy in Texas took out 5 cops in one shooting? You didn’t see that ride the News too much did you? Who is making the decisions about what’s a hot topic? I could go on with these kinds of questions, I hope someone gets the point. This, none of it, will ever go away, unless we let it go away, as long as we keep supplying the views, and supplying the news, it’s a cyclic thing that will keep repeating. It’s on us to do something, or just sit back and continue watching. WWII came about as a result of people watching and a lack of love practiced throughout a nation.

Sorry about the rant folks, but these shootings are senseless. It will be in our News forever, and we’ll have to listen to our upper class European derived neighbors express their views on guns, they really do wish we were more like them! As far as I know the only nation left to flee to from here would be Antarctica, it’s pretty cold down there with prevalent winds. I don’t think the penguins would appreciate us too much. I don’t think many of our European descended neighbors would appreciate my statement here, but your countries have already done much of what I’ve ranted about. You’re slowly losing your country and many don’t realize it. Islam is coming fast for many, if it isn’t radical,maybe that will be ok, but you know it’s going to be radical, because the true Islam has laid down as well. This whole paragraph is something for another day! I’ll leave a few lines on kids going to school and shooting their classmates.

And here we go yet again,

a hell of a thing to become a trend.

It’s main start from Columbine

April 20th of Ninety Nine.

A sign of the times of what was yet to come,

kids are idolized when they bring a gun.

No love in their hearts when shooting classmates

A learned behavior, who taught them hate?

Would anyone like to add to this? Sorry about today’s topic.

Perhaps I’ll come back and add an artist or a band later. Actually I do terrible at making back over here, today’s artist is? Grace Potter! I just discovered her last night. I’ve been seeing her in the catacombs of YouTube for a while now!

If you don’t do YouTube like, then I do I don’t know how it works for you? I use YouTube mainly for music, they’re great at watching what I get into and making good referrals. That’s how I ran across Grace along with a few others, so , Thank You YouTube!

Having just discovered her so soon I can’t speak of her like I did Janet Devlin, who I still can’t praise enough, that is an amazing little girl! What I saw of Grace Potter last night was good enough for me to put her here today. I try to only mention those that are truly impressive here. Grace is! I’ve got some more digging around to do on her music, but what I heard was great! She used to be The Pretty Reckless, I’ve heard one of their songs, it was good. Now it’s the Nocturnals, good stuff! What got her prematurely cast on this page is a song she did with Joe Saturini (I probably misspelled his name here)and a couple of others. They did Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer”, not just anybody can do that song, hell Janet Devlin probably could(she really is impressive). Everybody knows about Joe’s guitar playing! It was the singing of Grace and the trumpet of one of those other fellows that got Grace put on this page today. I hope to have more about her on the next posting, in the meantime, CHECK HER OUT! Thanks! R.A

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