A Slight Adjustment

As of last posting, those books mentioned are now published, and I went ahead and added 2 paperbacks (print on demand). That now puts 7 books on my author page at Amazon. You can go to the Galley page here, and click the word book in blue, and it will take you to my Amazon page. I’m also working with something at Flipboard.com, that’s still too new in the process of beginning, to even talk about, the best I can say is it’s some sort of online magazine, which may assist in driving traffic to this site.

With 7 books sitting on Kindle, I think I’m going to see about getting a few of them on KOBO and Nook. Neither one of which have been very helpful at directing me on how publish the books as they’re published on Kindle. If you’re reading this, and have been thinking about self publishing, I strongly recommend Kindle over the rest. They’re easier to deal with and very responsive to any questions you may have. The only reason I’m looking at these other 2, is Nook would get me into Barnes and Noble, and KOBO doesn’t seem to be compatible with Kindle. Doing KOBO would get me into a couple of countries that Kindle doesn’t do. If you’re seriously considering self publishing leave a comment, I’ll be more than happy to share my thoughts on why you should Kindle all the way.

While that’s going on, I hope to be doing some form of advertising from here. I don’t know how that works, but Amazon has a form for me to sign right up. I figured I may want to get the bugs out of this site first. For the most part I’ve got the layout right, as far as my front page back to the gallery. I’ve got to figure out a better way, for the site visitor to be able to play with the lines I leave, so I’m presently working on that. I keep thinking there should be a blank page I leave attached here, where I deposit my lines, and then you add yours, at least that’s what I’m after. Until then I will leave a couple of lines right here at the bottom of this blog, and you do what you will with them in the comments section, bear with me and I’ll get this working better,  and here are your new lines for today!  Thanks R.A

If you’re waiting on a miracle, the miracle’s already been,

If you missed the first time around, it’ll be back again!

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