A Thought For A New Direction

“I was gone for all those days now” Quoting Alice Cooper and “The Ballad of Dwight Fry” here. Sorry about that folks, I didn’t plan on being gone for so long! I had some computer problems that cost me some time, some money, and I lost every thing resembling a program in my computer. That means the songs I had been recording are no more, they were in tracks and had not been mixed to a multi tracked song. Simply put, I’m back to ground zero with those. I will get a few on here, but it appears as though it will be a while.

Which brings this to mind, What if I posted some audio on this site? I’ve got those books on the Gallery page, and I’ve got all these lyrics I’ve been posting, and then I’ve got all the lyrics lying around my desk that haven’t even been put into the computer yet. I’ve got to look more into this, the idea has always been there, but it really struck home yesterday while mowing the lawn. I sometimes get worth while ideas or even song lyrics while mowing the yard. Long story short I sent copy of my latest book “My America” to my older brother. I asked him forĀ  his input on it, I also asked him to visit this site and give me some feedback. Well, that was almost 2 weeks ago, he hasn’t finished the book yet! It was a short book. Anyway, he said he’d been too busy to finish reading it. This got me to thinking, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we really are an ADHD society. Nobody has time for anything anymore, if it isn’t right there, right then, it will be lost or not done. Hence the idea of an audio book I could post right here or on my empty YouTube channel, which I could link to here, what do you think?

I have this sneaking suspicion that hardly anyone goes to the gallery page here, let alone clicks on the blue “book”. No visits to my author’s page at Amazon, I’m getting ready to get serious about this now. It’s taken a year, but now, aside from the music, I’ve got it close to what I’m after, and it’s time to generate some business with this. Fun business, I want folks having a good time here, while conducting business. I want the songs here, or connected to my YouTube channel accessible from here. I’m going to attempt to do one of those books in audio and put it here. That’s what I’m thinking, I’ve got my SSL certificate for the year, and I’m going to put analytics here, so I have a better understanding of where people are when they’re here. So that’s what’s on the way!

Today I would like to bring your attention to a former YouTuber who has caught my attention while she is in transition. She is going from YouTuber to YouTubing musician. She is self taught, and has a very sweet singing voice. In fact so much so that I’ve entertained the idea of possibly getting her to sing the first song lyrics I had posted on the portfolio page for so long. Initially I wanted Sol Seppy to do it, I’ve attempted contact with her several times now, with no response. It really is a bitch, getting people to respond to your wants or queries.

The girl I’m making reference to now is Tessa Violet! A mid 20 something pleasing on the eye, very sweet voice, and pretty damned funny. I’ve gone back and followed her on YouTube, so, like the others I’ve touted here, I’ve been able to watch her grow over the past few years, and it’s a neat thing. Tessa does some amazing things with the cameras, she isn’t some hacker, and what really makes her unique is her own light heartedness. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, what makes her so damned funny, are the faces she’s prone to making while doing a video.

She is currently working on an album, and trying to release 2 songs this Summer. If you should go to view her, you can find her under Meekakitty or Tessa Violet on YouTube. Should you check her out, then go ahead and follow her on one of her social media outlets or subscribe, she is on the verge of being signed by a label ,and that’s what they look for. I think anyone will like this girl weather it be her music or her genius for videos, or even her sense of humor, check her out and give her a like!

Oftentimes I think that’s what I need, I don’t just think, I know! I need some help doing all of this. I know where I’m trying to go, and I have a lot of songs written, but trying to put those together and trying to tie in all the digital aspects of it, that can be overwhelming more times than not. I keep thinking, it would be cool if I could find a girl with a good voice, who was digitally savvy. That would be an immense help, girl, because I would rather work with a female, and also I have a lot of songs written for a female to sing. I’m not one of those limp wristed feminist guys, but in all honesty, I would rather work with a woman on this than a male. Male egos are terrible to have to deal with, and let’s face it, I’m a sucker for women and their voices. I can’t think of one male voice that reaches me, I can think of a lot of women’s voices that do.

I never thought much about it, until I saw a question posed on Quora by a dude wondering if he was alright for liking women singers? Then I got to thinking about my preferences along with my music collection and the predominance of women singers in it especially the 90s. In a nut shell, anyone reading this who thinks they may fill the bill, sweet voice and digitally savvy. Look me up! I’m actually quite serious here, I didn’t know I was going to throw it out there like this, but to hell with it, you only live once, there isn’t much need to dance around the fire when you can jump straight in. So yeah, if you can sing or would even consider trying, and if you have the computer or digital know how, look me up! If you’re new to this site go through and read each page to get an idea of what this site is about, but more than that what it’s going to be about. The books on the gallery page are tied loosely to the songs that haven’t made it here yet. I’m thinking the book “The Library Days” will be the first audio conversion. I need someone to read it or sing it. There’s 102 songs telling stories in there. You can go to the gallery page click on the word book in blue and you’re on my author’s page at Amazon. There should be a way to preview the book, you don’t have to buy it, or if you’re serious, get in touch with me. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog. Now, I’m off to go download Reaper again, that would be the DAW I’m using to record the songs with, I would love to hear from someone on this. Thanks! R.A

Standing out in the pouring rain with my hands held up to the sky,

Rain pouring down my face as I implore my maker why?

Why am I alone here? how come no one will help me?

Clear the water from your eyes, ask and you will see!

If you’ve been here before then you know how this works, I leave lines at the bottom of all my blog post asking for someone to take part in the story started. They, like this one, usually relate to something in the blog, this one was at the end of what I just posted. Somebody run with it.

If I can go audio with this site, then I could give you the melody to those lyrics, how they’re to be sung. That could make this more fun, Anyway, there’s someone something to consider and something to play with. Thanks!

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