Our Approach

What we do different is make you a part of the process! This is no reinvention of the wheel here. This is a simple include those who are partaking. At StorySongTales we want you to be more than a visitor, we want you to be a part of something unique. Perhaps something you would be proud to be a part of. At SST your imagination is your only limit, come and let it grow with us.

Our Story

StorySongTales came about as a result of a need to create something. I’m from a construction background, where creativity ruled the day. My musical background spans the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and whatever that is being played as music now. Music has been a major factor in my life for many years, and I’ve always enjoyed it. I am thankful for having worked in a field where I could listen to it more so than many others. After 26 years in the construction industry, I’ve gone through some life changing circumstances, and have returned to my first love! which is music.

The music business has changed dramatically, from the model it was, to what it has become. I would like to grow with it, but also keep it real, where it still has some testicular fortitude. I’m of the opinion you can tell a story like Gordon Lightfoot and  others did, while making a hit. Maybe I’m reaching out to some likeminded individuals with this and saying hey! let’s put our heads together and make something cool. To me the beauty of the song is the story it tells, and how it tells it, hence the name StorySongTales, the name does say it all, I hope to meet some like minded people here! The only thing missing is you, let’s go build something!

Thank You R.A