Abuse Of Freedom

How do you like that for a title? If the shoe fits is the norm! do we really need a Cinderella? No glass slippers here. What I’m getting at is, if you haven’t noticed, my last few post have been for lack of a better term, somewhat racy and political. I’m really not that politically active, but it seems to be the norm at the present time. I decided to continue on the same subject, as it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, maybe football season has something to do with that. Thus keeping fragments of it in the news. If you’re new here which you could very well be, then I’m referring to relations involving racism! I don’t believe in racism, and nor do I believe it exist in the manner of what we see in the News which seems to be daily.

I titled this Abuse of Freedom, because to me that’s what it is. I think we are a nation choking on our own freedom, that freedom is starting to bite us in the ass. We as a country or nation can’t revoke the freedom we stand for, so what to do? There is a thing called common sense, I wonder how that could be implemented? I don’t want to harp too much, or get redundant of my past post’. There is a problem with our freedom, and it is a result of seemingly good people taking advantage of something that was given. Our own ACLU could be one of the biggest abusers, anyone familiar with Richard Spencer? the white supremacist jerk giving white folks a bad reputation. He’s the one that stirred up that shit in Virginia a couple of months ago. I think I wrote something to the effect of that city should’ve had the right to deny him the right to display his stupidity, when anyone in their right mind could see what was going to happen. The ACLU squawked and said his rights were being violated, and thus you got the mess that resulted. Well today he was allowed to assemble his mess on another Southern University Campus, the cost to the school being a half million dollars. What does this idiot accomplish with this? he stays in the press! His first amendment rights grant him the power to promote not ignorance(ignorance is not knowing better)but stupidity and horseshit! and he’ll gather a few idiots along the way to give him a platform for the press to cater to. There’s one side of the coin! Here’s the other side of it.

I love football! I’m one of those weirdo’s who likes NFL better than college. This whole season has been screwed up by the idiots and their refusal to acknowledge the flag in what was once an accepted means of respect. Respect for the soldiers who fought to give us that freedom to show our disrespect. Also respect for a nation which isn’t perfect, but probably still provides what many will never know. Yet we abuse it all, and piss all over it. As I stated I don’t believe in racism, nor do I believe in sexism, I believe in humanism which here lately hasn’t boded very well. We are all people, we for the most part, are created equal, men and women. If you’re of the Human type you’re no better than I, and I no better than you. We’ve got some serious problems in this country that need addressing! How do you get rid of this so called race problem? For starters you quit being stupid! If I’m being paid several million bucks a year with a free college education, then I’ll play football. If I have a cause that I think needs attention then I’ll do what J.J Watt and Lady Gaga did, I’ll use that platform in a manner to assist my cause. I have not seen or heard a whole lot about these flag protesters going into the communities they’re demonstrating for and raising money. Watt raised 30 million bucks for the communities of the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey. Gaga was just brilliant with her Super bowl halftime show, she didn’t do that show for her established fans, as much as she did for new ones! I understand she gained 300 to 400,000 new fans that week. Both cases are how you effectively use a platform like the NFL to gain recognition and support for your cause.

If someone would emulate what the 2 aforementioned did, a lot of the stupidity and so called racism would dissipate. I’m not sure where the racism is when over half the league is black, and we had a black president for 2 terms? Maybe there’s still some racism in some rural areas and urban areas as well, I don’t think you’ll ever dispose of it completely in my lifetime. It can be made a lot more tolerable though, if the press wouldn’t cater to it as they do, along with the ACLU. If it’s stupid and most folks know when something is stupid, don’t support it. I’ve seen many stupid causes that the ACLU has gotten behind for freedom’s sake. That is not how freedom works and it’s probably not what the founding fathers had in mind. How do you get a society to practice common sense over given law or rights? There could come a day when our freedom is crushed to degrees, because we the people couldn’t handle our granted freedom. There could come a day when white and black doesn’t exist because we’re all mixed! Anyone looked around lately at what’s going on with that? There are a lot of mixes out there, we’re slowly becoming one. Most of this won’t be resolved in my lifetime, but dammit they can resolve the anthem and the issue of instigative protest or march permits. This will be a lengthy topic, and I’ll cut it off right here for now. I was going to add more tomorrow with the lines, I think I’ll add the lines now!

I see my brother across the river, he’s standing on the other side,

Gators on both shorelines, boat in the middle for us both to ride!

Can we meet in the middle, see each other as a man?

share the boat with one another, there’s no way we could’ve ran!

Somebody think about what this means, and see if you can come up with something? Check out the books in the gallery, they’re full of stuff like this! Believe it or not I’m not some bleeding heart liberal. I think equality can exist and does to a certain extent. It takes people using their heads right, it’s not what’s in it for me?, It’s what in it for us! I don’t think the aforementioned know what they’re protesting, but they look good covered by the press!  Something to think about! Thanks! R.A


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