Back Down To Earth

New post, new blog, not so new day!

I’m still having problems with this site! I spend most of the morning in the WP tutorials, and feel like I’ve wasted half the day, because I can’t get this site set up the way I want to. My sister in law was in town for a couple of days, and she wasn’t able to help me as much as I thought she might be able to. We were able to get my book covers over to the gallery page, but they aren’t linked! so you would still manually have to go to Amazon/Kindle to even get a preview. We were able to get a writing onto the portfolio page, that’s what I was wanting to do, but now I’m thinking it might be nice to display another one. Also I’ve spent a good portion of the day trying to add an extra page or 2 to this site, to be able to put all those lines on, that I keep collecting. Now I have a new idea with those as well, yet it still revolves around the initial idea. It’s a good thing I don’t have an audience yet, I’ll be up for renewal by the time I get an inkling on how to navigate this site, or get it the way I want it.

I went to Song stuff again yesterday, first time there in about a month or so, I can’t navigate their site either, I was trying to drop off my latest writing for a critique. If I can figure it out maybe I’ll drop it here and go out drive some folks over here. It maybe time to do that anyway, I’m kind of reaching that point where I’m waiting for all the lights to turn green simultaneously, and we know that doesn’t happen. I got to do a guest blog for Polished Publishing Group Monday, that was kind of cool, I wouldn’t mind doing some more, I would like to try to work with that lady in the near future as it was more beneficial to me than it was her. If I had the money, I would probably gladly publish with her, in some hybrid form or other. I suspect she would help me eliminate a lot of my wasted time spent educating myself with computers, and the fruitless bouts of worthless marketing. In a nutshell I think I’ve got most of what’s needed to kick this to the next level. I just need to get more competent using the stuff. Other than that, most everything is in place, YouTube is next, and I’m going to try and link it with the rest (something else I’ve yet to master), and I’m looking at Skype and Patreon as well! I see something there that could be applied to what I’m doing here. Somewhere along the way I’ve still got to do a few songs from my writings, as long as it takes me to figure out computer things, that should be a real joy. Now let’s see if I remember how I was doing this? Until next time(hopefully a few days), someone feel free to leave a helpful comment please. Thanks R.A

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