Columbine and Easter

Good Morning! It’s Easter weekend here and abroad, and while I don’t delve too much in Religion, Easter is a fairly significant memorial day in the eyes of those professing the Christian faith. About that title, what does Columbine and Easter have in common? Columbine is a flower! one generally associates flowers with Spring which is usually when Easter occurs. Unfortunately that’s not the commonality being discussed today!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting that happened out near Denver Colorado on April 20th 1999. Two punks with no respect for themselves, or human life it seems, elected to go to school and shoot their classmates for no apparent good reason. These punks have become immortalized by this cowardly act of wholesale murder, and have a host of internet followers. These 2 seemingly normal high school punks have become underground cult like heroes for other seemingly normal screwed up teens.

Why are we fascinated by shit like this? I’m not! but many seem to be. I will note an observation while on the subject though. These mass school shootings seem to coincide with about the same time that those elected decided it was a good idea to kick anything relating to a God or higher power out of schools and public places. Morals out the door and kids raised by the internet and questionable TV and movie programming. Without being a stick in the mud or a preacher that I’m not, can anyone see a parallel there?

I don’t take political sides, I believe in common sense! I do take spiritual sides and will be the first to say I’m a believer! I not only believe in the Christ like salvation, I partially understand the significance. That goes much deeper than the face value we often see misconstrued. As stated I’m not a preacher,and will make no efforts to preach to you. I’m just stating my beliefs here as they may relate to what’s being written. This could be a slippery slope if not careful. Then again in thinking about it, this is my site! and I never set out to win a popularity contest. Simply put, if I step on any toes here with my thoughts or slant toward Christianity, then you may be on the wrong site. The cool thing about freedom is we have a CHOICE! many aren’t afforded that right. You have a choice to exit this site if you find it offensive to you. Many of those kids shot on school grounds weren’t given a whole lot of choice on their method of exit. Do you get that?

With that hopefully being clarified, let me state what boggles my mind. It’s the way we keep up with this shit! These kids (the shooters) 20 years later, have countless websites that have been set up more or less in their honor. Other sick kids can visit these websites and wallow in ill founded glory with a copy cat mentality. These kids and anyone electing to carry guns to school to shoot classmates aren’t fucking heroes! and they shouldn’t be treated as such! If I’m not making myself clear? then let me state this. We don’t have as much of a problem with our gun laws, as we do with our with our freedoms granted to screwed up people! I’m not calling for experiments made under NAZI regime. I’m simply stating that a nation providing public education to it’s children might need some safeguards in place when this much freedom is available.

There’s no God in schools, but there’s an easily accessible internet with 50 million bad ideas. There are principals that can not discipline the kid along with the teachers. There are principles that should be instilled in these kids as a guide of morality or discipline. But, that doesn’t happen because we have become a weak kneed society with maybe too much of a liberal slant.

Does anyone remember the Cruz kid that shot and killed so many of his classmates in Florida last year? It was a high number, he gets fan mail in jail along with marriage proposals. Had the 2 Columbine shooters not taken their lives, they would be getting that too. Charlie Manson got a lot of fan mail and marriage proposals, hell it was mainly women that did his bidding.

A young woman, I’ll call her a girl, she was only 18! She became another victim of the Columbine shooting 20 years later. Another sick person, possibly short of some healthy fiber(not the food type)hopped a plane from Miami to Colorado bought a shotgun 2 miles from Columbine. No one knows just yet of her intentions, she took her life with that shotgun though, another tragedy of the “glad it wasn’t me sort”. I understand she was a quiet student with good grades, what set her off? why was she enthralled with the Columbine incident?

That God that our elected officials kicked out school, he wasn’t replaced with anything of moral fiber. That Bible that many find offensive(yet many never read it), it does have an answer in regards to our children. Due to absence of commonsense though, that answer can’t be used , and it isn’t a harsh one. If we’re going to kick God out of our schools and courtrooms, we might need to replace him with something better than we have. Oh, wait a minute, that would ruffle the feathers of the ACLU wouldn’t it?

Where is this going? It isn’t going to get any better anytime soon. We executed our own God 2000 years ago due to fear and mass appeal. Two Thousand years later we’ve kicked him out of school due to mass appeal. Mass appeal is akin to mob rules, no one really thinks of a deeper underlying reason. They just see the surface value and mass stupidity soon ensues, but it did seem like a good idea at the time! Mass appeal is the people being sheeple. The things or people we choose to follow! There were several nations with good intentions that stood idly by while Hitler built the war machine that inflicted WWII. One man was allowed to wield that much power in such a short time after WWI. Mass appeal is a terrible ruler, we can see the consequences all around us. The Romans appealed to this kind of mass hysteria with their gladiator games. The list goes on and on and I’m not going to list them all, hopefully enough to illustrate the point.

Which is this, People need a God for their own salvation! History is full of our own follies without one. Just a few thousand years ago people were sacrificing people in the names of their God. Weather one has the guts to admit it or not? we as a people have come a long way since those days. As a people we have bettered ourselves in the past couple of thousand years, but the barbarians are on the outskirts awaiting access. That fellow that was crucified a couple of thousand years ago. That one that gave this weekend significance among those claiming to be of the Christian faith, does anyone recall his requirements? Someone asked him what was the greatest commandment? His response was somewhere along these lines, First and foremost LOVE thy God with all your heart. Second was, LOVE the brother or neighbor as yourself. If one reads between the lines there, Jesus simply stated if one is loving their God with all their heart and also loving his neighbor or brother as he would himself. If we’re doing that kind of loving, we probably wouldn’t need those other commandments would we? If one loves their TRUE God (many have made money, the internet, or worse things, their God) and loves their brother and neighbor as well, this coupled with commonsense might deter kids from shooting their classmates. This might deter kids from that bullying thing that seems to keep coming up these days.

I think that’s all Jesus was getting at when he uttered those words. Mass appeal and mob rules doesn’t think that deep, so they crucified their Lord. Our elected officials kicked him out of school because someone was offended, minority rules when it used to be majority. Anytime officials are falling on themselves trying to please all, they’re fucking up! You can’t please all, but majority ruled by commonsense will point the way. Masses ruled by few look at the devastation. Kicking God out of our schools look at the ruination(good line there for somebody) .

In a nutshell, kids might need to find better heroes than murderers immortalized by the internet. Society might need to revisit the wisdom of kicking God out of school. There’s a good book titled “The Five Thousand Leap” by somebody Skousen, google it! That book is still packed away from my move, so I’m missing some info there. That book depicts some of what our founding fathers were trying to establish when they laid the foundation for this country’s government. We’ve drifted from some of their intentions, and the price is being paid. There’s a line in the Bible that says something to the effect of not moving the barriers set by the fore fathers, I think it has 2 meanings in the way it was used. If one reads the Bible one should be thinking as they read it. Anyhow, I challenge anyone to take a stab at either book mentioned here. I’ll part with a few lines to ponder, I left you 2 at the end of the previous paragraph, here’s a few more.

Saddened today, they crucified my God,

Someone born of man, now doesn’t that seem odd?

Records reflect he never harmed anyone,

Executed put to death, he claimed he was the son!

Someone could take this somewhere! The way I’m writing it, you won’t be hearing it on Contemporary Christian Radio. I claim Christianity, but do not claim denominations. I’m politically and religiously incorrect! Happy Easter Folks!

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