First One of The Year!

That was easy! New Year’s makes it easy to get at least 2 titles for your Blog Post. Well, as the title suggest first one of the year! so what do I write about? I could keep going on the race thing, but like I stated race isn’t going anywhere, it will be here when I’m done exploring other avenues of interest. If you read the last post, you would’ve picked it up, 30 years in that one county and look what’s going on in communities across the states. Simply put, that dead horse isn’t going anywhere quick! So, let’s move onto something new for a moment!

I’ve been writing these, trying to get people to participate in the writing part, I’m not seeing as many people participate in that, as much as I would like. What’s up with that? do I need to lower my expectations? I once read or heard that people would rather write poetry, than read or buy it. Here you get a chance to do just that without being judged! Y’all I even save my own lines that I post here, they will eventually be used somewhere, I’m hoping a song! To the ones who are partaking in the writing, Thank You! to the ones who aren’t, well that’s your choice, but it isn’t going to hurt to leave a line or two.

People, you do remember that this is somewhat of a music blog right? I’ve been using the content to create a subject for a song, which I’ve left at every posting. I’m going to keep today’s posting short! we are heading in a new direction for a little while, sit back and enjoy the ride! I hope someone along the way was able to get some good stuff to write about out of the post I’ve been doing on racism. I thought that would be misconstrued and someone would take me as a bigot, but according to comments left most of you got it, so that’s a good thing!  Now we’re off into a new horizon, I’m sure I can come up with lines about it as well.

Where are we headed? This is supposed to be a music related site right? I’ve been trying to get you to write, and some of you have. Now I’m going to try to get you to listen! I found what is a new band to me, I’m kind of excited about them, as they have a lengthy little trail of discovery behind them. I spend a fair amount of time in the dark recesses of You Tube looking for neat and new music(at least new to me), I have found some great ones in there! Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, Sol Seppy, Halsey, and The Steel Drivers to name a few. This past week I discovered a new band to share with those just mentioned. Before I drop their name, I challenge you to go and listen to any of those listed above on YouTube, I’m sure you won’t be let down!

This next little band that I hope to turn you on to was actually referred to me by YouTube, they do it based on my listening practices, which are probably pretty eclectic! This little band hails from my home state of Georgia about 30 or 40 miles from that all white county I was talking about in that last post. That has nothing to do with me wishing to drop their name, I want to share these girls with you because they’re great!

Without further ado meet the Lovell sisters of LARKIN POE! Go and look up LARKIN POE, they have a website give them a listen.

These girls blew my socks off, talk about soaking in talent, these Two must’ve stood in line twice when God was handing out talent! I think they have 3 albums out there. They’ve actually been at it for a while, I’m the one late for the party. I challenge you to listen to all the songs available on their site as well as those on YouTube. Take a look at the covers they do! that’s a pretty varied group, and there isn’t a bad one in the mix! Then they have a great selection of their originals. Big sister singing backup and harmony while playing some pretty seriously mean slide guitar. Little sister with a strong singing voice, and playing lead guitar, along with mandolin, banjo and violin. They refer to themselves as doing Swampadelic Americana music, they simply don’t have a genre to define their music. How can you define it genre wise with something as varied as Jack White to Michael Jackson to Black Sabbath? that’s just some of their covers. These girls truly rock in a good way! If you like rock or country or damned good music, they’re not short on it. Little sister actually plays Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing”, she plays Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Mary Had A Little Lamb” or listen to them do Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” The list goes on, you just need to check them out!

This is a true treasure that has been found and being shared with you, providing you like real music! I hope the industry doesn’t mess these girls up, I can think of some brother bands that didn’t last, I hope these two fare much better! Hopefully they’ll stay out of chemicals, and just focus on the music! No lines today! folks just go and listen to some good music that has been referred to you. Larkin Poe! remember that name! maybe I will leave a line or 2.

Sisters performing on a stage talent oozing from their veins,

Larkin Poe was their dubbed name, great music without chains.

Somebody go check them out and add to this, Thanks! R.A

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