Happy Easter!

Happy Easter folks! I wonder if that even means anything to those who may find this? I’m not of the preaching sort, and I know a lot of people don’t even want to hear anything of the religious sort.

What can I say? I am a believer! I believe there is a creator of this world and all that inhabit it. I understand the need and concept of Jesus Christ and the significance of this day’s meaning, and why we as people needed a Christ. That’s as far as I’m going to go with that part, the Christian part, at least for the moment. I may come back to it later, I’m by no means trying to preach here and that’s why I broke away from the Christian part like that.

I don’t necessarily believe in all the labels we seem to put on our brands of religions, it seems like we as a people have a lot of problems with that. There are 3 world religions that recognize the same God and comprise about half of the World’s population. The other half also believe in some form of a higher power or powers. With that being stated, it’s fair to say that most people recognize a God or higher power of sorts. I could really dive off the deep end with this topic, but that isn’t my intention.

There’s just an interesting point to some of this I might wish point out. If half the world’s population recognize and accept the God of Abraham, why is there so much fighting between them? As a white American, many could assume which one of 3 I am, but I’m not taking sides here, nor am I pointing fingers. Weather Islamic, Christian, or Jew we all have a bloody history dating back to the origins of it all.

I don’t know enough about the other world religions to assume to know their history or numbers. China has almost 1.5 billion people doesn’t it? what’s their main religion? How about India 1.2 billion or so? what is their main religion? and who is the deity or deities of these religions that comprise almost another half of the world’s religion? Don’t both of these countries have some blood in their history?

The Native Americans of both North and South America were worshipping something other than the Jesus white people shoved down their throats, we believe they had a bloody past before we got here. The common denominator here is this, it isn’t our Gods or religions, it’s us, people, we are a fucked up bunch! If given a God or just about anything else, we seem to want try and force that down another’s throat. I don’t know what that is, human nature I suppose?

This isn’t all gloom and doom though, think about how far people have come in the last 2000 years, think about how far we’ve come in the past 200 years or even 100 years. We know that several different civilizations were sacrificing their fellow man to what they deemed their God at the time, where did that come from? People as a whole have done some pretty shitty things to each other throughout our existence.

The French let a national hero of theirs be burned at the stake on the grounds of heresy, by the British. That almost sounds like the Christ story doesn’t it? there are some parallels, that many Christians would be pissed about. Just a couple of hundred years ago we were burning and hanging what we deemed witches here in the new America. Just 100 years ago we were coming out of what we called a World War, only to turn around and do it again a couple of decades later.

So, let’s face it folks, we have the problem, not our Gods, maybe we need those Gods or God. We do seem to have made more progress with a God or Gods than we have with out! Just some need to remember, that we don’t get to go and shove our God down another’s throat, we were not appointed judge on those grounds. People learn to get along with each other and their Gods, this world is a pretty big place for all of us. My new book which I introduced at last posting kind of takes that stab, it’s on the Gallery page, click on “book” in blue.

Speaking of that book, I lost an acquaintance over that book! An Aussie whom I had been corresponding with since last August about music. I even acknowledged him in the book in a pretty positive way 3 times. I told him I was doing the book and asked permission to at least acknowledge him, as I had gleaned some thoughts from him that helped shape the book’s content. He agreed to this, I then asked him if he would like a copy before I published? he replied yes! I sent him a copy. Then out of the blue a few days later he’s sending me every bullshit story he can find on the internet about my country. I asked him what was going on with all the bad stories he was sending? No answer, he told me he didn’t read the book, yet every thing he was sending was related to a chapter in that book.

Here’s a man whom I talked to just about daily since August, whom got pissed about something in that book, and in the end was too gutless to tell me what it was. The last I heard from him was “Fuck off and I hope you die”. I never took to insulting the fellow, I went back and re read that book and still can’t find anything in there remotely close to insulting anyone. If someone does decide to read it, I would love to hear your input on it, especially if you’re not an American. Maybe I’ve overlooked something or assumed something. The book is in no way forceful, and I try not to be biased in it. It attempts to address topics that I noticed many non Americans had taken interest in, our gun laws, racism, education, Trump, liberals and conservatives, and a couple of other related topics. So yes, I would love to hear somebody’s input or feedback on it. Alright enough of that!

A few weeks ago I brought Janet Devlin’s name to attention. I wish to revisit Janet, I didn’t do her justice, this little girl is someone special! As I stated before if I include them here on this site, they’re special! Meaning they have something musically that many are lacking, Janet has a voice that is short of Earth shattering. Me, I love a little bit of an accent with women singers, Janet is Irish and you can detect just enough to keep you intrigued. I went back and listened to some more of her stuff, and she doesn’t have a bad song. This little girl is pulling off some heavy hitters, the kind of stuff not everyone can do justice to. I mentioned she caught my attention with The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” and Tears For Fears “Mad World”. There are quite a few more than that, she did Lorde’s “Royals” and she might’ve done it better, then she did Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, which in my opinion was the best version of that song I’ve heard.

Do yourself a favor and go check out Janet Devlin at janetdevlin.com you won’t be sorry. I’ve been doing this since I started this so why part from it now? I will leave some lines that tie in with Easter and some of what was covered here. If anyone will take a stab at writing the story I suggest, you’ll get if you know what Easter is about to the Christians, but it doesn’t have to be just the Christians it can be anyone, the point is someone did it for the likes of mankind and we took it and made a mess out of it. I would be madder than hell, had I laid down my life for the likes of us and seen what was done with it. I’m not so, I don’t have to take offense or even get worked up.

I wasn’t there or near when someone rolled away the stone,

the passage to his resting place, and yet his body’s gone!

Oh my Lord now, what are we supposed to do?

he left behind his words for all, with just a chosen few!

Everything of this world, it was born of word,

My savior left some more for all, but how will they be heard?

Early in the morning, just Two days before,

they sentenced him to die, now who does that to their Lord?

Convicted by his own kind, deemed to die upon the cross,

one helped him carry his torture stake, symbolic of the people’s loss.

Does anyone want to play around with this one? You know what and who it’s about

I will finish it and publish it into a song here with or without you, this is an invitation. Thanks! R.A

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