Happy Memorial Day!

Holidays make titles easy! Happy Memorial Day to all! Memorial Day still means something in the U.S, I think. For those who don’t know or have forgotten, Memorial Day is a holiday to honor those who’ve fallen for the sake of our country. Often times this would be our military personnel who died in combat, but as far as I’m concerned could be those wounded or injured while serving our country. Happy Holiday to you if you served!

I was set to go into the military right out of High school, helicopters in the Army! I was in the delayed entry program, and would’ve gone in after my 18th birthday. I went down to the MEPS center in Atlanta 3 times, once for the Army, once for the Airforce, and then again for the Marines. When the Marines wouldn’t take me I scratched that idea and went to college instead.

I couldn’t pass the physical exams due to a muscle disease that I have to this day, in fact it progressively gets worse. I receive a small amount of monthly change for it. I would’ve rather served, had I not died in combat I would’ve retired with 20 years in. I would hopefully be 10 years into flying helicopters somewhere. That didn’t work out, so another course in life for me.

I respect our military, I think it offers great benefits, and combat comes with the territory! One is afforded the opportunity to learn a valuable trade and education while being paid to do so. I likewise respect our people who gave it all while serving, this is their day, I hope some will pay heed to them!

To those who don’t know, this is supposed to be a site about writing songs, the books are on the gallery page. I’m a serious Football fan, I’m talking American football, NFL and college. The song that will hopefully be the first posted here is what I hope will be a stadium song for The Atlanta Falcons! I have a few tracks down to it right now, I hope to be able to post a radio ready mix of it here on this site in the near future.

I’m a Falcons fan, I’m from Georgia, I’ve lived with disappointment and heartache from home state teams for as long as I’ve been a fan. I have watched the Falcons build a contender that could be more than a flash in the pan, and the song reflects that as well as paying tribute to Arthur Blank and Co. for putting it together. It also attempts to get the fans involved, hopefully it’s more than fair weathered fans. Anyway that is what’s in the works  for the immediate future here.

While on the subject of Football and Memorial Day, I’m sure many are aware of what’s going on with the NFL and the anthem! Somehow, while innocently enough, attempting to provide subject matter for songs, I’ve found myself involved with political or hot topics. You know what? I paid for the site, so why not? I try not to get too politically involved, I was trying not to express my views, but I guess they’re blatantly obvious. A so called Aussie friend kicked me to the curb because he was somehow offended by the last book I published. I found no where in it for him to have felt insulted,but he claims he was. With that being stated, off come the kid gloves!

I’m an average lower middle class American, if someone needs to know my political leanings are right of center. Back to the NFL and the anthem, it doesn’t affect me, yet it pisses me off! Black, White, I don’t care, In America you stand to pledge allegiance to the flag, which to me represents the reason for fallen soldiers. Those men and women gave life or limb standing up for this country’s interest. Many of those fell in Europe helping out our allies, many fell on islands in the Pacific fighting Japanese who were taking over China and the South Pacific islands. Japan was also allied with Germany, so Europe was next. Many died in not so well supported wars or police actions, the point is they were there for this country! To me that’s why one stands to pledge his allegiance.

Enter the NFL, young punks, straight out of a free college education whose lives are pretty much set for the rest of their lives, if they manage their money. These guys are paid millions to entertain us for less than half the year. I’m not sure there is another country in the world where one is provided this opportunity? Professional sports pays in America, and not everyone can do what these folks do, so they are paid well.

These folks are playing on a team owned by an individual, that individual pays their set for life salary. These folks will play for maybe 5 to 20 years, depending on injury and circumstances. They play a taxing sport which takes it’s toll on bodies, could be why their compensation is so high! The beauty is, they leave the game young enough and with enough money to flat out retire or comfortably pursue another career.

Part of what those soldiers died for allowed them this opportunity. If there is another country providing this kind of set up, someone please let me know!

To me it was disrespectful what Colin did, He’s supposed to be standing for Black Lives matter yet he sits or kneels for an anthem! The man was adopted by white parents, but that’s beside the point, just worth pointing out! While Colin was kneeling to stand for Black Lives, he failed to be seen in the neighborhoods of these black lives. He started a ripple that would become a movement in the NFL, where many who couldn’t think for themselves would jump on the same bandwagon because it was controversial cool! None of these guys to my knowledge, went out and physically contributed to these places where Black lives matter. No one bothered pointing out to them that all life matters! that would’ve been construed as racism. We as Americans do all kinds of dumb shit out of fear of being accused of being a racist. I’ve mentioned it before on this site, sometimes racism is on the other foot!

The player that earned my respect is J.J Watt, without much fanfare and hoopla he raised over $37 million for his community of Houston, it was wiped out by hurricane Harvey. These punks fail to understand that the NFL is a valuable platform when used in the right manner. J.J did it right, Lady GaGa used it to her advantage. The punks are making a show, while those of class are making something worthwhile out of it.

The Punks managed to lose the NFL something like 17% or more viewership in less than a year. That affects the owners, the ones who sign their checks. I’ve heard many my dad’s age say they don’t watch NFL anymore because of this flag rift. These are the kind of folks who have been on a Packer season ticket waiting list for years. The kind that hang out in the dog pound in Cleveland, and the kind that cuss Ms. Ford for what happens or doesn’t happen in Detroit. The ones that remember when it really was the Black and Blue League. These guys and gals had parents that served in WWII, and Korea, while they might’ve served in Vietnam, it may touch a sour note with them. People disrespecting much more than a flag, by not standing. I wonder how many more viewers it will cost them this year? The punks are shitting in their own nest, now they’re disrespecting their bosses.

The guys who sign their paychecks have stated that this year the punks wanting to make a spectacle of the anthem could remain in the locker room. They’re bitching about this! It isn’t even about the initial cause anymore, it’s become something of race, yet the league is 80% Black. People put your money where your mouth is, go do something useful. Respect the country that enables you to live the lifestyle you’re afforded, respect the man that signs your checks, respect those that died to afford you these rights. If you want to do something for anyone’s life, get out and do something positive in those neighborhoods, those millions you earn would go a long way in the ghettos. There’s no need to call it the kind of racism it’s being called.

Alright with that off my chest, I’m returning to Tessa Violet again. I don’t feel like I did her enough justice. Tessa Violet on YouTube look her up! She started as Meekakitty quite a few years ago. She has earned my respect with her savvy, she started as a You Tuber with a great sense of humor. This girl has developed into a great camera person, and has taught herself to play and sing. She is currently working on an album with labels looking at her, give her a thumbs up on whatever platform you can, be it Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Check out her own songs “Haze” “The Bird Song” “Tennessee” and several others whose names elude me at the moment. These are her own works, from the writing and singing to the video production. I admire the hell out of that kind of fortitude, I’m using these young Twenty somethings for inspiration, I think she’s about Taylor Swift’s age?

These girls I tout on this site were all born about the same time, which is about the time I graduated high school. So yeah, I feel like a dirty old man, but I do find it odd that they are all close in age, must be something about that generation? Anyway check her out! If you’re like me and wondering how to make it in today’s music biz? these girls I tout on this site are drawing a map for us to follow. Tessa does clever things with her videos, she has a very sweet singing voice, and she utilizes a talent pool of resources she seems privy to. Definitely worth checking out. As usual I leave some lines relating to my gripe. Thanks! R.A

The Flag He Won’t Salute    (I gave this one a title)

I saw an American flag waving in the breeze flying at half staff,

to honor those who had died, planted by survivors in the aftermath.

Blood had spilled till the ground ran red, shed by those dead or dying,

Tears had spilled until the colors ran, shed by loved ones crying.

Thousands of people stand and rise to honor what those died for,

except for one he will not stand a choice made to ignore.

It’s his right to stay there seated that’s part of why they died,

so that folks like him have a choice, despite loved ones that cried.

[ Earning millions to display his freedoms, the flag he won’t salute,

Freedom of thought and a first amendment, although his thoughts pollute.

Tainted like a tide filled with disease, those who follow remain on their knees.

Many don’t know what they’re kneeling for, those who do forgot the score.

This is freedom and why many died, the cause they’re kneeling for, someone lied]

There’s your verse and your chorus, anyone want to play with it? put your lines in the comments below. Thanks!

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