Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve stated it here not too terribly long ago, holidays make for easy titles! I’ve been away for quite a while this time, much longer than I had intended. I was trying to get better about posting more often and more consistently, I screwed the pooch on that one! In my own defense I’ve been busy, not a great excuse, but let me tell you why it suffices. I’m building a new site! It will carry the same domain, and pretty much the same content, and intent. I was putting off posting until I had the new one up and running, but you know me by now. If you don’t, I’m digitally challenged, I suffer from Acute Digiphobia, in a nutshell I suck with digital projects! This reason alone would be the reason I have no songs for one to hear at this site yet. This would be a large part of my building a new site, the new site will have some features that could have been done here, but I didn’t know how to achieve what I was attempting to do here. Hopefully I won’t have that problem with the new site! It will have a place for audio and video along with a PayPal button, and maybe something for credit cards(jury is still out on the credit cards), but definitely PayPal! And that is a good portion of what I’ve been up to since my last posting.

Going back to the Thanksgiving theme that started this, what is Thanksgiving? Here in the U.S it celebrates a day years ago when our White forefathers sat down with our Red forefathers, broke bread, gave Thanks and shared a meal! I have some Creek Indian in me via a great grandma, so I acknowledge forefathers on both sides of that table. Interestingly enough, those of the pale skin persuasion would not have been eating so heartily, the meal shared, had it not been for the teachings of his red skinned brother. Simply put, the white folks had a tough time of things upon arrival in this country, and did receive help from his red brothers in starting this country. Note, I keep referring to them as brothers! in my eyes that’s how it is. We are all brothers here, and were meant to share the land together. If one is of the Biblical type, I’ve never found in the Bible where it states one race ruling another. The Bible doesn’t really delve too much into races at all, I wonder where we got the notion? I’m not going to go into the ugly part, where within just a few years those red people were more or less forced off their land and moved onto what we call reservations. We call them reservations, because we had reservations about settling those lands. Those were worthless lands in our eyes, so we gave those to our red brothers. We also took some back when they proved not to be as worthless as we thought.

I don’t think one can mention Thanksgiving without mention of those Indians of the red persuasion in this country. That’s all past now! It’s like slavery an ugly blight in our history that can’t be changed. Much like slavery, there is no one here alive today that was personally affected by the atrocities of White American greed. I do find it interesting that many of these white settlers had fled Europe escaping from unjust actions by their own government. Within a generation or 2 they are doing the same kind of shit that they fled from, and actually looking up to Europe as being superior in terms of social class. Human nature is a funny son of a bitch, as it isn’t just the white folks that do this, it seems to happen across the board and the only requirements is being human. So, I won’t harp on this anymore.

Thanksgiving, what is it? as the name implies, it’s a time when one gives Thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon them. One doesn’t need a special day to signify this, if observant, every day is Thanksgiving! There is a lot to be thankful for, and the reasons know no race or color! One on the streets may be thankful for a warm day or a partial meal. One without affliction might be thankful for that condition! the list goes on and on. You don’t need me to point out reasons to be thankful, as it’s all around you in this thing called life. Maybe stop what you’re doing right now and give Thanks for something you are grateful for. If you are of the non believing type, then give Thanks to something more than you(the sky, the ocean, a mountain, there is much that is more than you) for not being bound down by that which is associated by believing. If you are having problems thinking of something to be thankful for, then think of that which you take for granted. The fact that you can read this might be a good one, the fact you have a device to read this, or the time to read this. There are many things in which to be Thankful, think about that for a while!

What else does Thanksgiving mean? In this country Thanksgiving Day signifies the beginning of the Christmas season, hence Black Friday starting right after Thanksgiving Day, we’re talking Thanksgiving Night here! In my mind, Black Friday is hype and hoopla, and one can do it online without being a part of the mess, but many want to be a part of the mess, so, more power to them!

To me the 12 days of Christmas is 3, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, and there are more than 12 days between them. There are roughly 40 days between those days. Hmm, Forty is a Biblical number of significance, pretty interesting should one stop and think about it. Thanksgiving kicks off the beginning of what has become 40 days of chaos for many, and 40 days of lost meaning for others. Thanksgiving also kicks off the ending of college football, unless they were halfway decent, their season ends Thanksgiving week! In many ways Thanksgiving is a significant day, and marks a little bit more than just giving Thanks. Just something to think about and ponder, all the little things we take for granted sometimes has bigger meaning than we initially see!

American Football is starting to wrap up it’s season. College is over other than some bowl games, playoffs and a Championship. The pros are starting to wind down their season as well. Roughly 5 regular season games left, and each one is significant in determining if that team will see a playoff game! I currently live near the Gulf coast in coastal Alabama, Thanksgiving here is a marker for the seasonal migration of snowbirds. These birds have no feathers, as they are among the folks who reside in a colder climate than here, they like to spend their Winters down here. They generally arrive in several different flight patterns that typically revolve around Thanksgiving and those Forty days after it.

And This, among several other things is what Thanksgiving is in America! I’ll be back within a couple of days to add some lines like I usually do. The one I’ll be adding is about Black Friday and Christmas shopping! When I get the new site finished,I should be able to add that more easily than I’m doing now. For anyone who reads this, Happy Holidays, as they are among us forĀ  the next few weeks! It might be nice if someone left some comments in the comments section referencing the aforementioned days in their country. Inquiring minds might like to know! Thanks! Robert

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