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Good Morning and here we go! Spring is in the air along with the pollen, luckily I don’t suffer from that too much, unless it get’s North Georgia high on the count. I’m on the gulf coast and it get’s pretty high down here, but nothing like North Georgia. The thing is, it starts falling in January down here, it won’t fall up there until the end of March or early April. I’m sure no one really gives a damned about the falling of pollen and pollen counts? so I’ll get on with things.

What have I been up to since the last blog post? I went ahead and wrote that book, that was already planned on. Unfortunately it took that Florida school shooting to get me on it like that. I dropped the music and did the book, it’s live on Amazon/Kindle right now! You can go to the gallery page on this site and click on the word “book” in blue, and it will take you straight to my author page. The book is titled “My America: As Seen by an American” It isn’t a hard line ultra conservative patriotic stance of nationalism for my country, it’s as the title suggest, the hot topics of The United States as seen through the eyes of an average American. I’m your standard middle class working stiff, and folks of my class rating are the back bone of America as far as taxes are concerned. I wanted to express that view to some in other countries.

I spend too much time on a website called Quora. I’ve noticed for the past year that many of the folks there from other countries really don’t like America. That’s all fine and dandy, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and thoughts. I just wanted to open some eyes and minds to how it really is in my America, instead of opinions based on hearsay and press reports.

The Florida school shooting was the catalyst, because I knew that would bring up gun control, and it did, now there’s some 20 year old punk out west trying to sue a store for not selling him a gun. All those hating on America, don’t hate us for what you deem as hot topics, hate us for our lawyers and laws. We give that punk the right to sue, the lawyer that took the case is an ambulance chasing whale shit low sack of shit, and if any judge doesn’t kick it out of court then he needs to be having dinner with that lawyer! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest, that is one of the real issues with America’s problems, and I didn’t touch on that in the book. The topics in the book are Racism, education, capitalism, conservative vs liberal, rednecks, Trump, healthcare, gun laws, and a call to action on some environmental issues that effect the world. If you’re looking for a good read, give the book a read! remember the gallery page click on the word “book” in blue.

With the book being done I can get back to the music now, I have all but 1 track laid on a song nearing completion. I just need to record that track and then mix it, and hopefully bring it on over to here. Remember, that’s what this site is supposed to be about, writing songs, or at least the lyrics. This one is more or less a commercial ditty, but that would illustrate a point about writing songs for profit, right now the sync and licensing market is hot! What I’ve seen is a lot of the folks writing and recording songs are doing it for themselves, and that’s fine, me, I want to write stuff that appeals to several different types of people, I want to make folks think, but would also like for them to enjoy the song. So Y’all bear with me a little longer on landing the music on this site, they’re coming. I do have 2 more books I want to do this year, but there’s no rush for those, let me get a couple of songs on site. Then this site will be more like what it was supposed to be, then maybe I could go do the YouTube thing and link it like my Amazon page.

Who is the group for this blog? You need to check out a group I recently discovered calling themselves First Aid Kit! These are 2 Twenty something sisters from Sweden singing Country and folk music. These 2 appear to be avid Emmy Lou fans, and that’s bragging rights within itself, they nailed a cover of “Red Dirt Girl” that had Emmy Lou herself fighting back tears. They will be playing live in June in Tennessee at the same show Larkin Poe will be at, I think they’re 2 days apart. I will be keeping you up to date on this as June draws closer. Anyway you would be doing yourself a favor to check these 2 sisters out at, and do enjoy! Here’s a precursor of what’s to come musically in a short period of time. This one will relate to race as in the aforementioned book.

I saw a black kid sitting on front porch, leg wrapped up in a cast

no scholarships for college, watching as the school bus drove on past.

His eyes were fixed on a garbage truck as it went rolling by,

his only way to get out of the hood if he didn’t die!

Alright someone work with that one! It sounds racist as hell, but it doesn’t have to be, put yourself in the black kids shoes! He’s been striving for a football scholarship, with a broken leg that seems unlikely now. His dreams are crushed as far as football, but maybe that garbage truck offers him a ride out of a rough spot in life. The law of this hood is either die, go to prison or make something of yourself! He isn’t dead, he still has a choice. Somebody roll with it please. Thanks! R.A




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