Humans Being!

Today’s title is borrowed from Van Halen, Eddy and Sammy in the “90’s”. Great song! I think it showed up in the movie “Twister”, I actually liked the band better with Sammy than any of their other singers. I’m just borrowing the phrase for a title, Van Halen isn’t the kind of band I would tout here, they’ve had their day in the Sun! but I do love that phrase as a title.

Humans being, it’s a play on words, and I think it’s pretty damned brilliant! What are we? we’re Human beings, or we could be, humans being, that would kind of depend on how one looks at it. Somewhere in The Bible, our creator claims to be “He who is being” I think maybe even one of his names loosely translates to that? Maybe that’s what is being hinted at when it says we were made in his image! I don’t know? that’s just a written thought.

I claimed in the last posting, I’m not a preacher. I will not attempt to preach here, it seems as if there are problems enough with religion without me adding to that fire. Think about this, if anyone read that last posting, it was about Easter and the Columbine shooting. What has happened here in the States since I posted that? A shooting at a North Carolina College, and a shooting at a synagogue! Those pulling the triggers at these shootings were Humans being as well! Just what they were being could be a point of question? I don’t think the human being was designed with these kinds of actions in mind, so why does this shit seem to happen so often?

In both cases the perpetrator was relatively young, in most cases of mass shootings, the perpetrator has been young. This goes all the way back to Oklahoma and more, mass killings committed by young people! Those guys that drove the planes into the World Trade Centers,they were relatively young. What the hell is wrong with the young folks in this country and the world? How could someone at these ages be so full of hate as to take human life in this capacity? Who is pumping the bull shit into their heads? What have they accomplished other than needlessly taking another person’s life? a life which wasn’t theirs to take.

The jury is still out on the college shooting, no one yet knows the motive? The Synagogue shooting was an attack on those of the Jewish faith, 6 months to the date of the one done in Pittsburgh. Don’t forget the ones done in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. I think those were bombings against Christians from the Muslim world. It’s difficult to determine who is better off, the Godless, or the God Fearing? Both will kill!

I’m not so sure a creator had anything to do with any of these mass killings. Interesting thing to note, 3 world religions recognize the same God, they together may comprise at least half of the world’s population. It has nothing to do with a God, it’s humans being! What are they being, who are they being? I don’t believe a higher power intended us to be that way, but it’s something risked when giving people(humans) free will! We were given the freedom to choose who or what we’re going to be. What will you do with that choice that was freely given? Regardless of one’s belief in a higher power, it’s possibly safe to assume that it goes against human nature to kill in this wholesale manner.

Back to the question raised, what’s with the young folks? What’s with the human they are being? What’s being sought when a kid goes to school and murders his classmates? What’s being sought when one goes to a place of worship and kills those participating? Humans being are a fucked up lot!

In these cases, we know the effects, but we don’t exactly know the causes. Killing in the name of God is humans being again, the God I’m aware of doesn’t need people to do his bidding. The kid who murders his classmates in a mass manner, what is the cause, what is their reason? Most people know the difference between right and wrong, but perhaps some have lost the concept of the finality of death. It isn’t TV or a movie, there’s no glorification, any that may be found can’t be enjoyed by the dead. The dead can’t enjoy the praise or glorification, they’re DEAD! Game over, that’s it, no more! I honestly don’t think many realize the finality of death. Then again, some do and they’re just that imbalanced.

The Oklahoma City bombing was done on the anniversary date of the disaster in Waco, Texas. Aside from mass killing, what really happened? What was accomplished? Have any of these mass killing tragedies changed the world? have they changed humans being? People are pretty much the same, no matter the country, no matter the brand of Religion, humans being are pretty much the same!

Many like to blame the gun in the U.S, the gun is just the tool that was used, it’s the sick fuck behind the gun that makes it a weapon of death. A tire iron can be used for changing a tire or busting somebody’s head. There again it’s a choice made by the one holding the tool or the weapon. What goes on behind the eyes of a truly sick person, or a punk kid? There again most aren’t so sick as to not know wrong from right! Everything we need as humans being is in our hearts, what we do with that can determine the hardship of being human!

In a nutshell, what is the human you are being? What are you going to do with the choice you were given? Is your life worth more than a fucked up cause or plea for help? What do you need help with? How will killing many make your shit alright?

We all have to die, but it wasn’t given to determine when another dies, that’s something taken, don’t take what isn’t yours! One can see much in the life that surrounds them on a daily basis. Most of life is about loving and sharing, not taking and hating. Perhaps there’s something there to help you with being human!

Written below relates to what’s written here, it’s actually the lyrics to a song written in one of the books on the Gallery page. Try to enjoy, there’s a twisted sense of humor at work in it, it’s intended to make one think a little while cracking a smile. You’ll have to play with it some to get the rhythm, it’s there. Have a good day! R.A

Humans Made of Clay

A chunk of clay on the cold hard ground picked up by loving hands,

“You’re coming with me, I have some thoughts, you’ll heed to what I’ve planned.”

Taken to a place of the brightest sun, plopped down at the potter’s wheel,

Things began to spin and some water rubbed in, it was like those hands could heal.

Bent and shaped and molded, thrown down and it done again,

Stretched and shaped and worked like leather, those hands had something within.

A ply of a craft, I could tell was done with love and care,

The shaping and the kneading done from a place I’m unaware.

The hands are gone, it’s gotten dark, and all is deathly still,

The room is hot, I smell the smoke, I think I’m in the kiln.

I don’t know how long it was, I must’ve just passed out,

I came to I was almost done, there was a breath, and then a shout.

I felt those hands on me again, and then a voice told me to rise,

And as that voice was trailing off, it said to open up your eyes.

I opened my eyes and could not believe all the things that I saw,

Then they came to rest on him, he said “I’m the beginning of it all”.

{[And I asked my maker what it is that he had made?

He told me I’m a human being, and being is what he stayed.}] (chorus)

He took my hand, said he’d be leaving soon, and showed me all around,

He tossed me a book and thumped my chest, within these all answers found.

Then he showed me a garden, a place he called paradise,

He said don’t partake of this tree here, lest you become too wise.

Reaching down he grabbed some clay, took my rib, and made me a wife,

Just in case you get lonely here, but she may haunt you the rest of your life.

{And I asked my maker what it is that he had made?

He told me had made human beings, and human is what we stayed}

Then he left us alone, and all was good, we could laugh and we could smile,

Weeks and months turned to years, it stayed this way for a while.

Then one day she was picking fruit, met a serpent in disguise,

She ate from the tree, and quickly dressed, she’d met the source of all that lies.

Then I understood as I shared, how she could haunt me the rest of my days.

Our creator showed back up, gave us the boot, mumbling “mistakes with clay”.

He pulled me aside, showed me the book, thumped me on the chest and said,

You ate from the tree and know the truth, now you need to know what you haven’t read.

This was supposed to be something simple, that’s why I made you of clay,

You couldn’t heed one simple rule, that’s why as human you will stay.

Now that your eyes are opened, what did you learn, and what did you see?

You’ve learned the truth and you’ve learned the lie, and how similar you are to me.

You’ve thrown away the simple life, from here everything gets tough,

They’ll be some days, you get on your knees, and pray Father I’ve had enough!

Everything you need is in this book, and in your heart,

death will soon be haunting you, living might be best to start!

{And I asked my maker what it is that he had made?

he said he thought he’d made a mistake, but it was humans being delayed!}

R.A Jordan

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