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I’ve been away a little while this time around! I was attacked by Indians shortly after last posting, no feathers in this tribe! Long story short My computer was disabled for a spell, that was not the first Indian attack! I’m not going to go into detail about it, but these attacks have cost me a few bucks, I’ve written a partial song about it, maybe I’ll find compensation there!

I don’t think my audible postings went through? I’ll have to look at that and see what’s going on?The title here “It’s The Season” isn’t referring to Christmas, that’s still a little way off. It’s The Season refers to FOOT BALL! of the American persuasion. Yes, this weekend kicks off the beginning of Football season in the U.S. Most major colleges in the U.S will begin their football season this weekend, it will run through November, with the better teams being selected to play in bowl games in December and the start of January.

People if you didn’t gather already, I’m a huge football fan! it’s the only sport I really follow. It’s safe to ascertain that American Football is a pretty big deal over here. It’s a culture within itself, it’s a way of life, if you aren’t familiar with it, perhaps give it a study. It’s a game devised of strategy, the goal is to move the ball across the opponents goal line, seems simple enough doesn’t it? One would be amazed at the different methods employed on both sides of the ball in achieving this feat, one might be amazed at the methods employed in defending this feat. One would have their mind completely blown by the amount of money generated by this game of moving that football up and down the field for what amounts to one hour of playing time!

People build careers off of this simple game of entertainment, and I’m not just referring to the multi million dollar players. I’m referring to the staffs of each team as well, there are more than one coach per team, there’s doctors, talent scouts, conditioning coaches, there’s a coach for each nuance of a team you may see. It would be reasonably safe to assume there’s at least 10 coaches of several persuasions per team, often times more, depending on the size of the school.

The career aspect of the game can be taken to a high school level where there are many high school football coaches earning a decent living. High school is where it really begins for the player as well. A lot of these players have been playing pee wee ball up til now, high school is the time to shine for the player. I don’t know how it works? but these kids have developed into athletically freakish juggernauts by the high school age, and these aren’t small kids. I’m 5’7 and weigh in around 160 or so and pushing 50, I might be considered average to slightly small. These kids are coming into high school over 6 feet tall weighing plus 200 pounds. This is their escape, for many the game provides a way out of a broken dysfunctional life, one really would like to see those kids make it, or I would.

If you’re thinking while reading you might see this way of life thing taking shape! The kid has been playing football for his entire childhood, we’re talking 3 months out of the year. That isn’t terribly bad, as many of these kids are naturally sports gifted. These kids whom excel at this sport will be viewed in high school by college scouts(talent scouts), the real good ones are given a free college education to come and play football for that school’s given team. Often times there’s several different schools lined up on one player, that player can pick and choose. Any school having a football team does this, offers free education for one’s football skills. Ponder this, if you’re a kid from a poor family, say Appalachian coal mining poor! If you’re pretty damned good, you just got a free ride to school, the chain has been broken! one out of many generations is going to college and will miss out on the coal mining family tradition. It works this way across the board, it is a means to break the chains of poverty and provide hope where there otherwise was none, one doesn’t have to be an A student to achieve the free education.

I could literally write a book on this subject, I don’t feel like writing that much right now. High school is where it starts at, and there are a few states in the Southern regions of the U.S where High school football is a way of life for the town. There have been more than a few movies made off of the topic of high school football alone. Alabama, Florida,and Texas are probably some of your more adamant high school football fans. Some of these have high schools that are fashioned much like a college, and act as a prep school for kids just about guaranteed a scholarship.

This is big business in America! I didn’t speak about commentators and concessions did I? The University of Alabama, they hold more National Championships than any other school in the country, they generated over $100 million in their football program alone in 2015. All these schools have other sports programs, but football may be the biggest for some, it definitely draws the crowds who pay the bucks, over 100,000 per home game at The University of Tennessee alone. Many of these rampant fans become cash giving Alumni to the school. Many of these players will not go onto a professional career. My philosophy is this, get your free education in a field that you will appreciate and that pays enough for you to enjoy this life! Roughly 2% are good enough to go onto a professional career in football! Those who make it are set for life if they practice some commonsense and use that free college education. These guys support another echelon of the economical ladder, it’s amazing how much in the way of money and jobs float around the football industry in America.

That’s just me scratching the surface, you can read more into it than what I’ve presented. Think on this! the music being played at those games, the music being played in the movies about football. If you’e watching an NFL game on TV aside from the commentators you will hear some music being pumped from that game, often times it’s the same song in a different stadium. These songs are generating income for their writers! I’m curious as to how much AC/DC’s “Thunder Struck” has generated just from NFL games alone? Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” and Queen’s “We Are The Champions” are all staples at these NFL games. Here lately Jack White’s “Seven Nation Army” has made it’s way into the pack, Dr. Who as well! I don’t think any of these songs were written with football in mind? I have written a couple with football in mind. I’ve written one specifically for my home town NFL team of whom I’m major fan. It’s a stadium song I’m thinking would be good for the home games, roughly 8 games per season. I don’t think anyone has written a team specific song? I did, because I’m a fan! I don’t expect anything from it, but I can’t let it go, so I just recorded the vocals this past week, again. I think I have 5 or 6 vocal tracks and an almost complete drum track, the music is next!

In an ideal world there could be something there? I mentioned the rabid fans, what about a song or 2 per team? One could take it all the way back to high school if they wanted.I don’t hear that many songs about any given team, college teams would be the one’s to do. There’s some serious rivalries between the conferences alone. These are just some things to think about. This little piece attempting to loosely explain American Football is for those that don’t follow the game. The NFL plays in Mexico and England at least twice a year now, if one should happen to catch one of those games, maybe this will give you a new perspective on what you’re watching.

This is great segue into this blogs featured female artist. I’ve been waiting to do this one for a moment, Lzzy Hale of Hale storm is worthy of some praise this time around! Lzzy and her brother make up half of Hale storm(I don’t know why she spells her name without an I?) when you sing like she does you can spell your name however the hell you want to. This woman is an incredible singer and if you look at her on YouTube you’ll see she’s keeping company with some industry heavy weights. This I think is pretty crucial, I’m seeing this a lot, the folks that are doing some things, aren’t doing it by themselves, they’re tied in with someone else in guest kind of way. They are sharing them selves with another, each scratching the other’s back, that’s how it should work. Lindsey Stirling does this a lot and even her and Hale have tied up for a collaboration. I see a lot of other musicians trying to ride solo, but the ones making it are sharing with others if it’s nothing more than a guest spot. Folks, try tying in with another, and see how that works out for you? Skating Polly is doing this as well, their singer isn’t 20 yet. Jadyn Rylee is doing the same, she isn’t 15 yet. This introduces you to another’s fans. Google Lzzy Hale and see who she has performed with on her YouTube channel.

Ms. Hale has done something interesting with a country band called Big and Rich, she’s a rocker! Now that football season in America has kicked in, you can catch Ms. Hale every Saturday morning on College Game Day Football, performing with Big and Rich and a couple of others whom I don’t know. Ms. Hale to me makes this song, which is a Big and Rich original, she has a powerful voice and it lends itself well to their song and what’s being said in the tune “We’re Coming to your City” Check this out on Saturday Game Day Mornings. I think it’s one of the ESPN channels? Just some more folks making money off of Football, Then think of those doing Superbowl halftime shows, Lady Gaga earned over 400,000 new fans from her Superbowl appearance at the Patriots/ Falcons game. Think of Carrie Underwood on Sunday Night football, Hank Jr. as well! This is one way capitalism works all over a game that many consider stupid. Today’s parting lines, hmm, I guess I’ll reveal the opening lines to what I’ve recorded, hopefully you’ll hear it in it’s entirety here shortly!

Rise up the brotherhood, rise up Falcon nation

A fellowship of players and fans a team of destination.

A bond was formed some years ago to leave the past behind,

that’s what makes this team so special with the ties that bind!

That’s the chorus and the song opens on the chorus. I’m attempting to get the fans into it with those lines by making it about them and the team. I recant a small portion of Falcon history and come right back to that chorus. I literally thank the team’s owner in the song as well for his vision. Will this song be a hit? probably not, it’s too regional, and specific and I wouldn’t begin to know how to get it in the right hands? I’ve attempted sending the lyrics to key components of Atlanta as well as the team, that’s a tough nut to crack! If I can figure it out though, my game day team will have their own song, as stated, not many can say they have their own song. Likewise the city of Atlanta can have a song it can relate to as well, not many can say that either. All brought about by a simple game, earning millions and changing lives for many! One more time I’m attempting to show someone there are a thousand different things to write songs about! Oh yeah, Happy Labor Day and Enjoy! R.A

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