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After all this time I think this site is up and running now, I have one small issue with the text color in the comments section for the blog. If you elect to play with the posted poem or song, please be aware of that, other than that, this is the closest this thing has been since I started fooling with it. Please by all means leave a comment, if it doesn’t pertain to the song or poem, that’s ok. I would like some feedback on this site as well, let me know what you think? what can be done to make it more suitable? is it pretty clear on it’s intent? There are some books on the Gallery page, just click the blue, and it will take you to my author page at Kindle if you would like to preview one. Hopefully in the not so distant future, there will be some songs posted back there as well! In case some one missed it, this site is about songs and writing. It has taken me a long time to get it to this point, there’s still some minor tweaking to do, but I think it’s pretty clear now. I would like to Thank Terri Dailey for her help in getting me here! I think I’m off to register this with the search engine folks now, and maybe even let folks know, it’s out here in the blogosphere! I will leave you 2 new lines today to play with, check the older postings for more, There is a method to the madness here with these writings!

This year is the 25th anniversary of the L.A riots, the lines below pertain to that, I have one titled “Palm Trees In the Flames”, it’s published in “The Library Days” a book you will find twice in the gallery. It was my first book published, I recently revised it, the 2nd edition is much better, as I took some not so good ones out and put some new ones in, a general cleaning up if you will, but the biggest thing is it has a table of contents that organizes the songs by category(they were alphabetical). I think you can go to the author page and take a sneak peek for free! The lines below are new ones so run with them, and enjoy! Thanks! R.A

You’ve got to wonder what it was, that went down that day?                                   what was going through their minds, down around Compton and L.A?



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