Keeping My Resolution!

Good Morning! We’re almost a month and a half into the New Year, which means I can stop calling it a New Year. It did occur to me though that if I weren’t careful, I would be slipping back into the past habits of last year which was part of my resolution. Whatever I deemed bad or unfruitful about last year get rid of it! That was pretty much my resolution for this year, if it’s something wasting my time get rid of it! I get a lot of email of that sort, It’s amazing I think I’ve gotten rid of it, and the bastards show up again! I’m getting rid of that kind of stuff and I’m burning the bridges behind me, meaning I may find myself wandering alone. I may be alone, but it isn’t aimless wandering, I have a destination in mind and the journey is interesting.

I’m hoping you read last months post about Larkin Poe, I hope you checked them out! I don’t get excited about many bands, but they did the trick, I would love to write something they would do. I’m crazy enough to try it and have already been digging around about who or how to get in touch with them. I’ve got stuff in the books on the gallery page that would be right up their alley.

My method doesn’t work, as far as direct approach, it’s  a great way for me to get rid of the tire kickers though, those that are wasting your time. I’ve started off my year this way, and I decided I’ll continue being direct about things, no need to fairy dance around the issue. If you want something, state your intentions up front, I have found this to be a great way of getting rid of that which is wasting your time! I am really amazed at how gutless people are and how rude they can be at times.

I’m a fellow who has been to hell and back by many people’s  standards, I should in no way be amazed by human behavior, but sometimes still am. That isn’t to say I’m anti social and think people suck, it’s to say I’ve met people at the bottom fringes of society, those I deem whale shit low(I think it’s hard to get much lower when you think of whale shit and where it resides), people that low, lack a conscious, along with morals and compassion. So no I shouldn’t be amazed, but still am for reasons I can’t explain.

Getting back to my resolution, you might could call it a process of weeding out what will be the garden. What is my intention? my intention is to get some folks regularly visiting this site because they’re afraid of what they may miss content wise. I would like it if folks were waiting anxiously for the lines to drop to see what they would be playing with this week. I would like it if some were truly trying to make a song or a poem out of those lines. I would love it if someone was touting me to their friends about this really cool site where you put songs and poems together. Where you get turned on to good music that isn’t available all over the place. Where if you want a good read it’s available right there on site, along with the music that’s soon to be!

That’s right! I know I’ve been talking about it for a while, but now I actually am making head way on recording some songs which I hope to display here as soon as they’re ready. That means there could be a YouTube channel coming in the near future! it will be linked to this site. I’m guessing the songs will go on the portfolio page, and I’ll leave the books in the gallery. What I may do is change the configuration around, put the blog with those 2 pages at the front. I think I’ll try to get around to doing that in the near future. There you have it, that’s where this site is heading and hopefully some of you will join me for the ride! I wonder if I posted some songs here? you would actually see and hear what’s being created, those not partaking in the comments would you be inclined to do so?

As I did with Larkin Poe, whom I hope to return to with good reason, that’s a hint! This week’s cutie(good thing she doesn’t know me, I don’t why girls get upset by being called cute? sometimes it’s better than beautiful)would be an Irish girl I discovered on YouTube again. Her name is Janet Devlin, she like Larkin Poe does a lot of covers, but she has her own material as well. She caught my attention with The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” and Tears for Fears “Mad World” if this little girl can pull those off(and she did)then she’s just damned fine in my book! I used to be down on covers, but I’m starting to see where they can actually help the artist when done right, she does them right!

Some of you know that the Cranberries singer recently died, Janet covered “Zombie” before the week was out, and did it proud. These girls are like sirens out there, they get your attention with the covers and then set the hook with their original material. You can find Janet at and also YouTube, I think I’m going to start doing links here, like I set up my books. It’s occurring to me that you won’t check these artist’ out without a link, that’s too bad, if you find them here than that means they really are special. I don’t get excited about just anyone, as usual I’ll leave you some parting lines. Thanks! R.A

I can see them out there perched on rocks within the sea,

they sing their songs to the gulls, they sing their song to me!

Somebody run with that please!


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