Last One of The Year!

I see had one fan while I was away! I had planned on leaving a post before Christmas, but Christmas got in the way, more like the company one gets for Christmas. Oh well Christmas is over and it won’t be back until next year.

It’s not that I’m a Scrooge, it’s just people make a big deal out of presents and visiting. Hell we forgot the real reason for celebrating Christmas, it really has become a merchants holiday. I know of a town in Northeast Georgia, where they have a Christmas shop, that’s all that store does for the year is sell Christmas decorations. I’m in Coastal Alabama, there’s a store down here and all it does is Mardi Gras accessories. That one is regional to us and New Orleans. Anyone loving the hassle of holidays, there’s you a couple of ideas! I even wrote a song about the American love affair with Christmas, it’s in the mix of songs I’m recording, hopefully it will find it’s way here! With that being stated I do sincerely hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year! If anyone has a problem with The Merry Christmas part, I’m not among the politically correct and have no desire to be!

Alright we got the holiday formalities out of the way! I left you a couple of weeks ago with the promise of some more. I’ve been writing about racism now since August, I think. I can continue writing about it for another year, as it isn’t going anywhere soon. I revealed my dark ugly secret last time I posted, by confessing to having been raised in an all white county. Meaning that I did the entire public school thing K-12 without ever having gone to school with a black person. As stated at last posting, this was something taken for granted and no thought given to it at all. This was an accepted way of life that no one even questioned.

I graduated high school the year of the great change 1987. The last year of a one high school county, along with the last year of a white county. My 30 year high school anniversary was this year! I guess that county’s 30 year integration anniversary was also. I wonder if anyone celebrated that? That really does make me feel old! but much of it I can remember like yesterday, and back then I didn’t realize how historical it would be today! Interesting don’t you think? A county recognizing 30 years of integration, I think that county had been all white since either 1908 or 1928, I would have to look it up!

How does a county go all white for 60 to 80 years and then overnight have a problem? Here’s how that went, it’s called progress! but was it really progress? I don’t know? I no longer live there, and haven’t since about 94.

Our white secret got out due to a substitute teacher from Florida who was also a karate instructor. This individual moved up to our peaceful little area, opened up a Karate shop and took a job as a substitute teacher in our high school. For some reason he was bothered by the fact that we had no blacks in the county at all. Somewhere along the way he made it his business to do something about it. He got in touch with Hosea Williams down in Atlanta(does anyone remember him?). Well Hosea got in touch with some activist he was privy to. The next thing you know here comes 75 angry black folks marching on a cold and gray winter day to a little town most of them had never heard of. They were greeted by about 40 or 50 angry white folks throwing whatever was handy and shouting “Nigger Go Home!” There were a couple of press hounds around to report this little incident, and then Boom! it blew up over night.

Hosea and the black folks went back home to regroup, and the white folks did the same. That karate instructor left his business and his teaching job and I think is still in Florida. About 2 weeks later it was all over for that peaceful little community in Northeast Georgia. I don’t know the numbers, maybe 25000 or so, anyway there were a lot of chartered busses that came up to our little town on another cold winter day. This time they were greeted by members of the KKK, nothing was thrown as there were plenty of National Guard on hand. I worked at our local K-mart and we had no customers what so ever that day, except a couple of National Guard who were camped out on our roof. By afternoon the Guard were rounding up the marchers and herding them into the Mrs. Winters Fried Chicken place to load one bus at a time. The idea was to get them all safely loaded before sundown, I was witnessing history and really didn’t think that much of it at the time.

Those 25000 or so marchers were all from other towns and states, those hundred or so KKK were all from other places as well. If one is reading this with an open mind, you should be seeing all kinds of interesting little scenarios. One should be seeing the power of ONE! One person helped create the chaos in a town that welcomed him in. ONE got a hold of another one, who in turn got a hold of a few, and all participated in a march to a place where they had never been. Those KKK people were from Mississippi and other states, those people that lived in the invaded town for the most part stayed home. I don’t think anyone saw the magnitude of the events shaping out around them. To me it’s worth noting, the change was made by folks not living there, interesting how this works out isn’t it?

What happed described above is something that really happened just 30 years ago. I’m not trying to say right or wrong of it, I did point out one person got the ball rolling on a change that wasn’t his concern. He lost his business and his job, a sacrifice he made for who? The black folks for the most part did settle in the South end of the county, that would’ve eventually happened anyway. Interestingly enough, 10 years later I would take a job working for a predominately black school system. You could literally walk down the halls of these schools and pinpoint the year or years the school went majority black. This was a big school system, there were around 135 schools in it when I worked for them, unlike the dozen or so my school system had. There were Elementary schools stuck in subdivisions in this county, and you might see one white student in an entire school, while others had none, yet there were no marches! I was one of the rare employees who got to see all the schools, I wasn’t on a route like most were. Given my background this was an eye opening experience, it was a very unique experience to say the least.

We’ll save more of this for another day! I’m writing about real life events on this site attempting to give the site visitor something to write about. There is so much in there one could create s story out of, put yourself in the shoes of that one white kid in an all black school. Put your foot in the shoes of the first black kid in a predominately white school, what about the asshole that started the ruckus? Anyway I’m writing about real life events and have been leaving lines to play with relating to those events. I don’t plan on writing about race forever, but it was a dominant thing in our news this past year, and it brought about my own memories, hence the tale above! Should I leave any lines? Why not?

They’re coming to my city, but no one’s been invited,

they’ve come to stir up shit in a county long united.

Everybody here calls their neighbor by his name,

After it’s all done this place won’t be the same!

I could keep going with this, but it’s for you, I would like to see more people partaking of the writing assignment here! Leave your lines in the comment box. Thanks! R.A

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