Much Ado About Society

   If you read last weeks post, it was unfortunately a reflection of our society! It’s been going on for years, and it doesn’t seem to have resolution in today’s society. As far as I’m concerned it has been resolved, what  you see now are the residual effects of extremist racism on both sides. That will probably never go away, that’s part of living in a country with a 1st amendment such as ours. You don’t get rid of the amendment, but what do you do with the idiots? I don’t have the solution, I don’t think anyone will ever have the perfect solution. You can not appease the masses without stepping on some toes! That’s what this country needs to realize along with it’s population.

       Now I’m going to piss some people off, I don’t believe in racism, and I don’t believe it exist in this country as some would have you believe! I’m not going to bother with Political correctness here, as I believe that’s part of the problem! I’m going to call it as I see it. Black people aren’t discriminated against in the manner of being held back or not allowed to play in rein deer games! We’ve had a black president, and that might’ve been the last hurtle, as we’ve now had everything black as we have white.

     Did I piss someone off? Get over it and think about that last statement, “we’ve now had everything Black as we have White” is that not true? Why are people still squawking about races? If there is any form of racism now, the shoe is on the other foot! meaning a black man who plays his cards right will have more opportunity than any other ethnic group, in this country. Think about what happened last weekend, now let’s do this, tear down anything that reeks of anything related to slavery. No one is alive today that even knows someone first hand from that bygone era. I don’t hear the Irish whining, they and many others were of the indentured servant type of slave. There are no Jewish people whining of their days of slavery or racism still committed toward them. The list goes on and on, every ethnic group on American soil owes heritage to some sort of injustice.

   What has become America’s sport is predominately black. You have people being paid millions and were granted a free education at an institution that many can only dream about, who refuse to stand up for a national anthem. They want to justify their disrespect with the term racism, stating Black Lives Matter, yes they do, so maybe try and show it! These people live in probably the only country in this world that might allow them such a privilege, and yet they want to disrespect it by refusing to acknowledge the National Anthem. In their own arrogance, they step on the toes of the American soldier that helped grant them the very freedom that allows them to kneel on a sideline making millions to disrespect their country. Show your nation some respect or leave, go back to where it is you deem you’re from! Surely those millions will allow you a new life in your perceived homeland?

     As far as the rednecks, and intolerable, grow up! remember the Redman was here first! yet no one marches for him. The Irish and the China man more or less laid the infrastructure for this nation, no one marches for them. The past is to learn from, not live in. After what happened last weekend, any of that kind of redneck persuasion should be ashamed to acknowledge being a part of that. You had one dumb son of a bitch take the pages straight out of Islamic terrorism and use it in a demonstration of stupidity. People died for a stupid cause! while it’s a hot topic tear them all down! and while racism is being batted around, let’s integrate the Black colleges, and create a United White boy College Fund, or a Brown or a Red or a Yellow, anybody getting the point? How about a history month of all those colors as well?

      Instead of people crying over a non existent discrimination, maybe if you consider yourself to be an American, you should consider uniting for a better tomorrow and a better country! Those screaming Black Lives Matter, put your millions where your mouth is and go help some of your brothers in the bad places see a better way of life. As much money that goes through this nation there shouldn’t be any of that kind of living going on. People may want to band together for a righteous cause, the terrorism isn’t over yet. You have a president that needs to be held in check from time to time, people united have that kind of power, people who don’t unite, well that played a part in the demise of the Redman. I’m not saying rise against Trump, support what is right, squash what is wrong. Most people have enough common sense to know the difference, Unite and Live it, Love it, or Leave it!

     I’ll get off my soap box now, I hope somebody got something out of that! I may touch back on this subject next week, as I understand it isn’t an easy subject, but seriously people need to quit pussy footing around it, and worrying about who they are going to offend. If you speak your mind, you’re going to offend someone, so here’s one more mind speak that will probably piss someone off. Then we’ll get on with the song, I’ll bet in terms of society and people, just about everyone has an ounce or 2 of racism in their blood. I think it’s just human nature, honestly contemplate that one for a moment, it may be so subtle it’s taken for granted, or would I be better off stating that everyone discriminates to a certain degree? not necessarily in a racist way, these are some things to ponder. Maybe next time you see a march forming ask yourself what is your purpose for being there? Think about it!  So what can we get out of this one? song wise or poetically? Someone work with this one Thanks R.A

I see the people gathered in the streets, they’re standing side by side,

Every color’s represented, yet they don’t divide.

Standing for a righteous cause, no longer are they divided,

and this is how a nation, is when it becomes United.



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