One Step Closer!

That title could suggest a lot or be used in several different ways! Today I’m using it in a means of stating that I may have finally gotten a recording to put on this site! Not exactly what I had in mind, but enough to show what and where this is trying to go. Folks bear with me on this, I’m not a digital guru by any means, and over half my frustrations are my inabilities in working with this digital mess as I have come to call it. I’m attempting to post a recording here, and there is an interesting story behind the tale I’m trying to post!

So, where do I start with this one? This piece was written over 20 years ago. I did a report on some Native American history for an American Lit class I had at the time. This would’ve been my second tour of duty at college, that’s another story for another time, but I will say there was 10 years between the tours as I call them. Anyway, long story short I did this report, and felt compelled to tell it in another way, hence I wrote a poem of it, or a song with no chorus.

As most of mine are, it’s written in verse. I actually read something interesting on that not too long ago, it made me feel much better about my writing in verse. According to what I read from an industry person, there’s nothing wrong with writing in verse, if one can do it in the right manner. This whole site was born of my writing in verse. It was later that I discovered if I add a chorus(the repetitious lines) I have a would be song! For anyone wondering, that’s how this site got started. Not many folks read straight up poetry, there isn’t much of a market for it, one more than likely isn’t going to make a living from it! As far as Poetry goes I don’t exactly fit into their mold, I’m starting to see I don’t fit into a lot of the preconceived molds. This simply is my way of stating I’ve encountered a lot of egos and attitudes in the writing and music worlds, it seems as if some lost the enjoyment of the craft somewhere along the way!

I don’t hold a degree in writing, I was in college attempting to learn the music biz the first time, the second was for a construction  degree. I accomplished neither, no degrees for me! I enjoy crafting the tale in a lyrical verse kind of manner, I enjoy playing with words and the 2 meaning perspective. I get off on lines, hence(Lines and Tales), a well crafted line is in my opinion, something that sticks in one’s head. If it means enough it can last for one’s life, I find many of these in music or songs!

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve quoted a line from The Eagles “Hotel California” I love the line and the way it’s used, the 2 meaning play on words, and I’ve found many cases in life the line applies to. The line is“You can check out anytime you like,but you can never leave” To me that’s great! Quite a few meanings can be pulled from that one depending on the situation don’t you think? “Lines and Tales” is used on this site and I believe I mentioned in the last post that’s the name of my YouTube channel which will be linked to this  site. For any interested, that’s a little more background on me and the development of this site.

     It’s the story or tale first, and then put it to music, to me, that’s a great memorable way to get it across! A song as illustrated, can stick with you for quite some time, I’m not even an Eagles fan, and that song has been worn out, but that line can be applied to so many facets of life, and to me that makes it memorable. That’s what this shit is about to me, Something Memorable! With that being stated let’s get back to the tale at hand shall we?

As stated the piece is 20 years old, it was lost for most of that time. I’ve even referenced it a couple of times in other writings knowing I couldn’t reproduce it. I found it once about 8 years ago and then promptly lost it again. This time my older brother brought it to me from Texas the last time he visited. He had somehow wound up with the graded version, the original, the one the instructor got! I sat on it for close to a month, then it occurred to me how to go ahead and use it.

I’m from the American South, I have an accent, many think that’s a reflection of not being too bright! (you should’ve heard me in my College Spanish class, a lot of laughter)! I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned here or not? I spend some time on a question and answer site called Quora, I meet folks from across the world on that site. I encountered a fellow residing on The Isle of Wight in Britain on that site. Being a music person The Isle of Wight caught my eye, it’s somewhat synonymous for great music festivals. The fellow’s name is Tony Thompson, we chatted a bit, and somewhere along the way I decided Tony Thompson would be the perfect candidate to read this piece. The British accent coupled with the content of the tale to me made for an interesting twist. I think Tony did a great job with it. I make reference to him here several times hoping that someone else might see a need to incorporate Tony’s services on a project of theirs.

The piece is aptly titled “The American Land Deed/ American History”.  This one due to it’s history of being lost, isn’t published in any of the books on the Gallery page. This one is the first attempt at keeping up the oral tradition. Remember, before we had writing we had oral tradition, hence the importance of a song and a well placed line! Listen to how Tony enunciates this as he reads it, for what it’s worth he does a great job with it! I hope to use him for a couple of more in the near future. This is all Tony’s production work here, I pretty much sent him the writing and he ran with it, I like it like that! I’m going to post the printed version on the Portfolio page and maybe put the recording there as well. I’m thinking this will be the first posting for my empty YouTube Channel as well. I would love to hear some feed back on this.

Pretty much that is my blog for today, no football rants or racial divides. I introduced you to Ali Handal on the 4th of July. Since then I got my my ordered CD from her, some great stuff there folks! She sent me 2 songs before the arrival of the CD, the CD consist of 10 tracks making it an EP by today’s standards. To me it’s an album, and she did a great job with it! It has the look and packaging of a store bought CD from a record store. In case you haven’t noticed, these girls I put on this site don’t just have great music they have great presentation! I get off on the professionalism of them as well. If they get mention on this site they’re worth checking out, I’m not easily impressed and I don’t blow smoke on asses. If they’re mentioned here, they have something going on worth checking out! For less than the cost of an album in a record store, I got a professionally presented hand signed to me Cd in an attractive sleeve. Ali does a version of “My Sharona” that is pretty damned impressive, that’s not an easy guitar piece in that song. She has a version of Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away” that her voice adds volumes to. Remember you can find her at Ali Handal. com or definitely worth checking out!

It has occurred to me I won’t be running out of female acts to tout anytime soon, so keep your eyes open for who’s next. Of those I’ve mentioned here in the past Janet Devlin just released her version of Chris Issak’s ” Wicked Game” it goes without saying that she did an incredible job with it. Larkin Poe, they release a cover per week, and they’re all great! First Aid Kit has a new album out worth checking out! I’m thinking I’ll talk about Sol Seppy at the next posting? She is scheduled to release a new album in August, I’m signed up to receive one. These girls are doing the direct marketing approach via a website and the internet.

I’m not discriminating here with a girls only thing going, but right now they are doing it better than their male peers are. Music and business savvy, the girls are doing it! Maybe the male ego plays a part in that I don’t know? That’s it for this time around, I’m not sure I’ll be leaving any lines today? Probably not! I’m posting “The American Land Deed/History” on the Portfolio page, if anyone wants to play with it, I’m going to convert that one into a song! Post in the comments section here if you would like to add to it, it’s lacking a chorus. Thanks! R.A



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