What Do The People Want?

There’s a title that can be looked at in several ways. Without beating around the bushes, let’s just jump on in! First I would like to ask you, the site visitor, what are you looking for? Why are you here at this site? What did you stumble upon that you found to be of interest? What would you like to see more of? I’ve kind of run the gamut here, as far as topics while still maintaining that one can get something here to write about. I would love to see a substantial amount of feedback on those questions from you the site visitor Please!

I’ve been getting some comments on this site, I don’t know if I’m hosting Mine craft or Game Fly here? I see those names a lot, I’m not sure how this all works? I don’t mind who I’m hosting here, but let’s all play nice! Someone stuck one of those Windows type of freeze your computer up ads on one of my postings. That kind of shit isn’t really necessary. People don’t shit in your fucking nest! It seems like some have a free place to play, don’t fuck it up for those folks. Play nice and we’ll get along very well, if this gets turned into a trash site there’s a remedy for that as well. I hope I’ve made myself very clear here? Don’t mess up my site with malware and other assorted bullshit, if you want to make a few bucks with your horseshit, go elsewhere!

Now, with that out of the way let’s get on with it shall we. I shouldn’t have even had to do that. There’s a thing called respect and the Golden Rule. Stevie Ray Vaughan posed the question in one of his songs”Whatever Happened to the Golden Rule”? In a nutshell, that’s kind of what people want. The Golden Rule, and perhaps respect! I would gander to guess just about everybody here wants respect? likewise “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Unless there’s someone unhinged among us that likes being shit on, it’s very simple! We want nice, we want equality, we want to be treated fair! Remember how I stated in the last post, that people as a whole are pretty much the same. No matter the race, religion, ethnicity, or age, we for the most part want the same thing.

Think about this for a moment, nations have been founded by groups of people seeking these very things. The country I’m in, the U.S was completely founded by those seeking something better. Unfortunately my forefathers forgot the golden rule and decimated the native people here. That’s in the past, and not much can be done about it now other than learn from it “Don’t be a DICK”! It’s been my experience, people are generally dicks out of greed or insecurity of some form or fashion.

Here’s a thought, there are at least 3 continents that were virtually unknown just a few hundred years ago. Look at the mixture of the population on those continents now, what a varied mix. Three continents settled by people wanting something better. People tired of being stepped on by their government, people tired of being disrespected by a ruling,or larger group. People just wanting to be treated fairly. The point is, in just a short amount of time you have entire continents settled by folks wanting pretty much the same thing, justice and equality.

Now, here’s the ball buster in that. These same people in just a short span of time become what their forefathers left, the oppressor or the sack of shit. The Bible depicts this very well, it’s our human nature, and it’s a bitch! We’ve been oppressed, we’ve been shit on and disrespected. We break the chains, we get away, we resolve the injustice in sometimes a completely different locale. We settle in, we get arrogant, we get greedy, and we become what our forefathers ran from. Sometimes done in just a few short generations. The U.S and Australia are good examples of this,as well as many Biblical time nations. It’s in our nature, WE WANT WHAT WE CAN”T BE! It’s kind of the dual ass grinder isn’t it? We dig and we seek and we find that kind of freedom and justice for just a moment. Then our own nature gets in the way and we’re right back to the shit our forefathers left. Some of us will even look down on them with arrogance due to technology, yet humanly we’re no different!

This brings up a hotly debated predicament in my own country, remember? I’m an American! The hotly debated predicament being those South of our border. This has become a hot topic due to our president’s stance on this, but it was something that needed to be addressed. I don’t agree with Trump’s vision of a wall. Personally I think when one is building walls to keep one in or out, they’re going about it wrong! I can think of 2 countries where walls didn’t bode very well. In Trump’s case I would like to see the math, show me where the cost of this wall is better than what we spend as a nation spend patrolling the border. What’s to keep one from going above or under the suggested wall? Those people are running from their governments at least 4 or 5 countries worth. Does this sound familiar? Didn’t I just discuss this?

For the America haters, we’re a country of states under rule of our nation and state. Those South of us are much like Europe or Africa in the sense that they are countries as opposed to our states. So, You’ve got countries like Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, or even Belize, countries smaller than many of our states governed by corruption and greed. The people are trying to escape that, history is a circular thing isn’t it? My question is how did these governments get so rotten so quick? One knows the smell has been permeating for years, why wasn’t something done then? why now? Much like the nation of Israel in Biblical times we have a mass exodus all at once from several countries South of our border. Where in the hell does the hosting country put all these folks? This being of a human nature the shitheads have flocked to the caravans to leave the nest they’ve shit in. In defense of Trump, yeah something needs to be done, the question is what? How many are coming? I wonder if we could do for them what we did for our native people? Would it be less costly to put these refugees on some deemed useless hardscrabble desert land and teach them and feed them for a while, then to build a wall and pay guards to patrol that wall?

Many things to think about, many with no clear answers. How does one condemn a man who is trying to stave off a pretty big problem? For those leaning far left, consider this, much like our forefathers did to the native people here. These people, some are coming with disease. What becomes of the corrupt governments these people are leaving behind? Do they still exist while running off their country’s inhabitants? Would it be less costly to take another form of action with the governments of these peoples? Again many questions with no clear answers. For the haters of America, consider this, we as a country, represent every nation in this world. Meaning look at the sir names here, we’ve played host to most known nations while our native people suffered.

And there you have it folks What Do The People Want? If read with an open mind, there are many tangents here, what side of the wall are you on? Can you see both sides of the coin? Back to the site visitor, What do You Want? I’ve included my country’s tale and what it’s people wanted directly below, I may later put a recording of it here as well. Enjoy Folks and remember to play nice!

The American Land Deed / History

I’m coming across the ocean, I’m floating into your sea,

sailing toward the setting sun, I bring atrocity!

Bound for Asia and the passage East, the Earth is round some think I’m The Beast.

Many years I’ve spent at war, through with that, but wanting more.

Sailing for the Queen of Spain, all I find for her I’ll claim.

Southwest the 28th parallel, land ho ahead! I bring you hell.

I see you gathered on the shore, would you like to know what I’m here for?

I came here seeking The Great Khan, he’s the one I’ll call upon,

but you tell me he’s not here, the signs you make aren’t quite clear?

You see me as God or something from above, I’ll show you peace, but then I’ll shove!

You see my color and you know I am superior, civilized am I, I know you’re inferior.

You’ll welcome me in because you haven’t got a choice, this you’ll do without raising voice.

I’ll be the guest you welcome today, I’ll become the guest who’ll forever stay!

This land I like, so I’ll take, my flag is flying, and also staked,

The first thing I’ll do is claim your land, and now my nation can expand.

I’ll call you an Indian, a native, a savage, much less than that at the end of my ravage.

You’ll stand in awe of my iron and steel, before I’m through, both you’ll feel.

Many more from Spain now coming too, with intent to conquer you.

Cortez is coming, end to the Aztecs, Pizarro’s in Peru, The Incas are next.

We’ll try to enslave you, but you’ll fight, kill you all we’ll make it right.

We’ll import our slaves from another nation, quickly outnumbering your population.

The fathers are coming in the name of our Lord, accept Christianity, or die by the sword!

This will be our great disguise, it wasn’t for gold it was to Christianize.

This will be something accepted by few, well we tried, rid this land of you!

The islands south and central our home, no longer enough, northward we roam.

Ponce in Florida seeking the Fountain of Youth, a romantic bath for the uncouth.

Desoto in the East, Coronado in the West, enlarging our holdings they do their best!

Many more behind us do now come, Western Europe is where they’re from,

overwhelmed by the masses we bring, nothing for you, but suffering.

Sickness and disease we spread, wage war on you make sure you’re dead!

We’ll fight amongst ourselves for your land, in the end England stands.

It’ll take a revolution to overthrow her rule, but when it’s done, we’ll get back to you.

Now this land is completely ours, watch our greed grow with power.

To the woods, hills and mountains you hide, but never escape our genocide.

Much of the North we’ll industrialize, this was your home you now despise.

As for the South it’ll be plantations, Westward you march to the reservations.

A tribe of you will adopt our code, this is fine until we discover Gold!

You’ll fight us with law in our own courts, in the end your home you’ll abort.

That homeland you held so dear, now washed away The Trail of Tears!

You are the example for all tribes to see, coexistence doesn’t work, ask the Cherokee.

We’ll civilize you and exploit a nation, justify it manifest destination.

Now the call goes to those back East, come one come all Red man’s least.

You are now the minority in your homeland, out on the plains make your last stand.

We saw your buffalo on those plains, him we extinguished for our own gain.

For you a way of life is gone, when we sold those furs this was known.

We’ll push you to land that we can’t use, we know you’ll die but you can’t refuse,

treaties signed and treaties broken, our words a lie, written or spoken.

The words we convey you can’t trust, all we convey, speak our lust.

Now we’ll show you how to live, You’re amazed at the fact that we don’t give.

All we do is about a dollar being earned, understand the reason why your land we yearned.

We’ll teach you to drink, we’ll teach you to steal, we’ll teach you, you don’t need reason to kill.

All of that you treat with respect, underneath our feet with contempt and neglect.

Your women we’ve raped, your old we’ve killed, everything we’ve done was God’s will.

A new century will find you in ruin, what happened to you was your own doing,

another way of life for you is now born, a dependent state for you is formed.

For many years you’ll be held back, due to your heritage you will lack.

Poverty and ignorance you’ll embrace, blinded by alcohol, but never erased.

Your valued elements have become polluted, what was pure is now diluted.

Never feel you were alone, many nations now our home.

When we came upon you, you were a ship in our squall, if you wake up in time you may watch us fall.

We easily overtook you, as you never were united, no nation stands long when it becomes divided.

If you watch and learn by our ways, it may be up to you, to help us some day.

Victims of corruption and greed, ruled by our wants overshadow what we need.

(c) 1998 R.A Jordan

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